​Except vs Except for

​Except vs Except for
  1. I have cleaned the house except for / except the bathroom.
  2. The house was quiet except / except for the noise of washing machine.
  3. He does nothing except for / except eat all day.
  4. She is not interested in anything except for / except skiing.
  5. Dinner and a movie did nothing for his sullen mood — except / except for maybe make it worse.
  6. Except for / Except my sister, nobody wished me good night.
  7. The top was clean except / except for accessories and a few letters standing upright in a sorter.
  8. It is the same everywhere except for / except in Scotland.
  9. He is good-looking except for / except when he smiles.
  10. The highway ahead of them was clear, except / except for one big truck coming their way.
  11. She is naked except / except for an old tee shirt of mine which, out of my benevolence I allowed her to wear.
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