​Future Predictions

​Future Predictions

Future Predictions: will

Age: teens/kids intermediate

Level: pre-intermediate

Concerns: Future Simple


Imagine speaking with the guest from the future. This guest knows what you will do and how you will look like in the future.

For example:

What will I look like in the future?

Will I be plump?

Will I have long or short hair?

Will I wear fashionable clothes? etc

Ask about:

  • your appearance
  • your personality
  • your family
  • your children
  • your habits
  • your house
  • your car
  • your education
  • your occupation (job)
  • your salary
  • your hobby
  • your pets
  • fashion (clothes) in the future
  • food in the future
  • hairstyle / clothes in the future
  • homes / buildings
  • holidays
  • music
  • sport
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