Games and Electronics: Multiple Choice Test (Level: B1)

Some games and electronics have clearly been (0) designed (design) to appeal to a wide spectrum of ages. Indeed, the games console seems to have been marketed as something (1) ________ by all the family.

I recently (2) ________ my hands on a helicopter battle game (3) ________ Sky Challenger. The packaging stated that it was for those (4) ________ 8 and upwards. Since I (5) ________ into the recommended age bracket, I thought I (6 ) ________ it a go.

If you (7) ________ these games in the shops then you may not be familiar with the concept. Basically the box (8) ________ two remote controlled helicopters.

The ones that I (9) ________ were relatively small, although there are (10) ________ alternatives available.

(11) ________ of a lightweight material, they can (12) ________ indoors.

Flying a radio controlled helicopter can be great fun and (13)________ two opens up far (14) ________ possibilities, particularly when you (15) ________ that they have the ability (16) ________ each other out of the air!

If you're a worried parent who was thinking of (17) ________ these for their kids then don't worry - this isn't quite as (18) ________ as it (19) ________.

It was so good, in fact, that I may even let the kids (20) ________ a go!

1. to be used using to be using to use
2. get got has got have been got
3. be called was called called calling
4. were aged age aging aged
5. fit fitted was fitted fitting
6. have given will give would give/’d give gave
7. were not seen were not seeing will not see have not seen /’ve not seen
8. contains is contain is contained contain
9. has purchased purchased purchasing was purchased
10. moe largest more larger larger more large
11. Being making Been made Making Made
12. have used be using be used use
13. to have had having have
14. most more much much many
15. will realize realize realizes would realize
16. shoot to shoot shooting to be shot
17. buying to buy buy being bought
18. dramatic drama dramatically dramatize
19. is sounding sounded sound sounds
20. to have having had have

1.a; 2.b; 3.c; 4.d; 5.b;  6.c; 7.d; 8.a; 9.b; 10.c; 11.d; 12.c; 13.c; 14.b; 15.b; 16.b; 17.a; 18.a; 19.d; 20.d

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