Gifts: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

At some point, (1) _________ people have probably received a gift that they either didn’t want or didn’t need. Whether it was a sweater in a colour that was completely wrong for the complexion or a painting that clashed with the receiver’s home decor, (2) _________ what to do with an inappropriate gift is often a concern. For many people, however, the (3) _________ option is to return or exchange a gift that has missed the mark.

The answer to whether it is wrong to exchange a gift depends on who (4) _________. There will always be traditionalists who feel that a gift given as a token of affection or appreciation should be kept, (5) _________ whether or not the item is needed or wanted by the recipient. It’s hard to argue, however, that it would be morally wrong to exchange a dress that’s two sizes too small . Additionally, if the person who gave the gift has enclosed a gift receipt, it’s safe to say that he or she will not mind if the gift (6) _________ for something better suited to the receiver’s tastes. Of course, if hurt feelings are a concern, the re¬ceiver could always ask the giver what he or she would prefer that you (7) _________ with the gift.

Before returning or exchanging a gift, it’s (8) _________ to contact the store to ask about its policies in advance. Some stores only allow returns or exchanges with a receipt. Others require that all returns and exchanges (9) _________ within a specific time period, such as 90 days after the initial purchase. Typically, people have an easier time if they are hoping to exchange a gift for a similar item or store credit. Getting a cash refund for a gift isomer often a difficult task.

Since many stores (10) _________ their policies for customers who want to return or exchange gifts, the practice of ‘regifting’ is becoming increasingly common. Giving a gift one person received to someone who he or she thinks would more appreciate the item can be a great way to make the most of unwanted or unneeded presents when it’s impossible to exchange a gift. It’s important (11) _________ that only items that are in new condition should be regifted. It’s also a good idea to rewrap the gift and make sure it is not (12) _________ regifted to the person who originally gave the present in question.

1 the most much more most
2 decided deciding having decided being decided
3 preferment prefering preferred prefer
4 asking is asking asked is asked
5 regardless at regardless with regardless on regardless of
6 is exchanging exchanged will be exchanged is exchanged
7 did does do doing
8 best the better the good the best
9 is made making to be made be made
10 had tightened has tightened have tightened tightened
10 remember remembering remembered to remember
12 accidentally accidental accident accidence

1.D; 2.B; 3.C; 4.D; 5.D; 6.D; 7.C; 8.A;9.D;10.C; 11.D; 12.A

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