Happiness: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

In recent years there has been a remarkable increase in (0)________ into happiness. The researchers have (1)________ a number of factors which contribute to a definition of happiness.

First of all, there is, in some people, a moderate genetic predisposition to be happy: in other words, happiness (2)________ in families. And happiness seems to correlate quite (3)________ with the main dimensions of personality: extroverts are generally happier, neurotics are less so.

Second, people often (4)________ good social relations as a reason for their happiness. In particular, friends are a great (5)________ of joy, partly because of the agreeable things they do together, partly because of the way friends use positive non-verbal (6)________, such as caressing and touching, to affirm their friendship. Marriage and similar (7)________ relationships can also form the basis of lasting happiness.

Third, job satisfaction undoubtedly (8)________ overall satisfaction, and vice versa - perhaps this is why some people are happy in boring jobs: it (9)________ both ways. Job satisfaction is caused not only by the essential nature of the work, but (10)________ by social interactions with co-workers. Unemployment, on the (11)________ can be a serious cause of unhappiness.

Fourth, leisure is important because it is more under individual (12)________ than most other causes of happiness. Activities (13)________ sport and music, and participation in voluntary work and social clubs of various kinds, can give great joy. This is partly because of the (14)________ themselves, but also because of the social support of other group members — it is very strong (15)________ the case of religious groups.

0 research inquiry examination study
1 fallen back on gone in for got down to come up with
2 arrives runs goes descends
3 strongly nearly firmly hardly
4 explain prefer talk report
5 meaning origin base source
6 movements motions slogans signals
7 near close tight heavy
8 consists of applies to contributes to counts on
9 works effects makes turns
10 too as well also plus
11 common contrast comparison contrary
12 check powrer control choice
13 like such so thus
14 facilities activities exercises amenities
15 by for in with


1.D; 2.B; 3.A; 4.D; 5.D; 6.D; 7.B; 8.C; 9.A; 10.C; 11.D; 12.C; 13.A; 14.B; 15.C

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