​Heroic Failures: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

​Heroic Failures: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

The least successful attempt to clear molehills

(1) _________ of the 10 large molehills that flourished on his lawn, Mr Oscar Ejiamike decided (2) _________ them. After a vigorous campaign of bombing, gassing and waiting round in the dark with a (3) _________ shovel, he found that the 10 molehills survived intact. There were also 22 new ones.

At this point our man decided to 'surprise the moles' with a midnight (4) _________ raid. (5) _________ May 1984 he drove his Jaguar 2.4 automatic to the edge of the lawn and trained the headlamps upon the enemy zone. While (6) _________ across for the poison, Mr Ejiamike knocked the car into reverse and accelerated (7) _________ the wall of his cottage, knocking over the electric heater, bursting his petrol tanks, setting fire to his (8) _________ sitting room, and (9) _________ his car.

While this certainly surprised the moles, it had (10) _________ the 32 molehills. Next morning Mr Ejiamike bought 22 bags of ready- mixed cement and announced that he (11) _________ to concrete the lawn over.

The Sunday Times

1 Tired Tiring To tire To be tired
2 being removed to remove to be removed removing
3 raising raised risen rose
4 poisoning poisoned poisonous to poison
5 Upon At In On
6 being reached was reaching reaching reached
7 above along across through
8 newly was decorated new decorated newly decorating newly decorated
9 wrecking wrecked was wrecking was wrecked
10 no effect on not effect on no effect at not any effect in
11 was gone was going going went

1.A; 2.B; 3.B; 4.A; 5.C; 6.C; 7.D; 8.D; 9.A; 10.A; 11.B

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