Hunger: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

How do hunger and appetite affect (1)_____ you eat, and aren't they the same thing? No. Hunger (2)_____ by an empty stomach and a drop in your blood-sugar level. When this occurs, your brain signals the body 3_____ hunting for a meal. Strangely, people who (4)_____ for long periods say hunger feelings all but disappear after the first two or three days.

Appetite is a response (5)_____ by experience. A poor appetite can suppress hunger. But real hunger overrules appetite. If you're starving, practically (6)______ is edible. Hunger overcomes conditioning (7) ______ ants, grasshoppers, rattlesnakes, and a long list of (8) ______ taste treats that are recommended (9) ______ food in military (10)_____ courses.

1 why which that what
2 causing has caused caused is caused
3 start to be started to start starting
4 fasting are fasted have fasted had fasted
5 is conditioned conditioned conditioning conditional
6 something anything nothing either
7 against for about with
8 other others the other the others
9 like as for as if
10 survived surviving survival survivor

1.D; 2.D; 3.C; 4.C; 5.B; 6.B; 7.A; 8.A; 9.B; 10.C

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