​Imaginary Hide And Seek Prepositions

​Imaginary Hide And Seek Prepositions

Age: any

Level: elementary

Concerns: prepositions of place

above, across, against, among, at, away, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond, by, from, in front of, in the middle of, in the centre of in, near, next to, off, on, inside, opposite, out, outside, over, past=beyond, under, underneath, upon, within, at the back of ,at the bottom of, at/on the top of, on /in the corner of, in the middle of, to/in the left of, to the right of, on the side of, on the other side of, etc.


Think of an object to be hidden, say what you are going to hide, do not say where. You are hiding an object imaginarily. Students are seeking for a hidden thing asking to specify the location:

“Are there books there?” or “Is between books?”

“Is there a drawer there?”or “Is it inside the drawer?’’

“Is there a lamp there?”

“Is there a window there?”, etc. until the “Yes” answer comes up.

Finally the host of the activity reveals the location of a hidden object: It is under the window sill.

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