It Is In The bag: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test (B2)

Sainsbury's, one of Britain's (0)        B        supermarkets, are (1)________ concerned about (2)________ out their responsibilities regarding the environment. They claim that many of their customers want to buy products that don't have a negative environmental (3)________. Due to this, more than 50 per cent of their own-brand products are environmentally (4)________. Furthermore, Sainsbury's have been using re-cycled cardboard packaging for (5)________ on such things as breakfast cereals and biscuits.

Many of their stores also offer customers the (6)________ to re-cycle their own packaging. They have (7)________ them with special re-cycling bins for paper, glass and even shoes. These bins are supplied (8)________ the local authority and are in (9)________ at the front of most major stores.

(10)________ from many other environmental projects which they are (11)________ in, Sainsbury's also encourage their customers not to (12)________ plastic carrier bags, with their Bag for Life and Penny Back offers. In the first scheme, the orange reusable Bag for Life bags (13)________ 10p, and when they wear out, customers can take them back to the store and (14)________ a free bag in return. In the second scheme, customers get a penny back for every plastic carrier bag they re-use. Via this second scheme, they gave £640,000 back to customers last year, of which more than half (15)________ up in Sainsbury's charity boxes.

0 original leading primary important
1 severely deep deeply sadly
2 carrying holding setting acting
3 change effect affect state
4 Kind helpful friendly sociable
5 years times eras periods
6 probability opportunity capacity ability
7 arranged equipped provided presented
8 with by from at
9 display appearance view outlook
10 except alone apart besides
11 concerned committed involved fascinated
12 use apply employ exploit
13 price cost worth charge
14 argue state claim expect
15 stocked saved gathered ended

1.C; 2.A; 3.B; 4.C; 5.A; 6.B; 7.C; 8.B; 9.C; 10.C; 11.C; 12.A; 13.B; 14.C; 15.D

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