​La Belle Monique: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

You can see the movie titles now: 'Passion and Pursuit on the Motorway', 'Jealousy of the Long Distance Lorry Driver'; or, as one French paper had it, 'Rodeo on the Autoroute'. In a terrifying but farcical scenario, two lorry drivers fought a motorway duel in their 38-ton vehicles over a course of more than 60 miles in the Auvergne, south-west France: a furious chase at 80mph which ended with one man in hospital, (1) _________ in jail and blood all over the road. The cause? La belle Monique, wife of driver number 1, who was riding in the cab of driver number 2.

The story began with Joel Andre, 31, and apparently well known (2) _________ a tough guy, leaving home in Clermont-Ferrand early in the morning and driving peacefully towards Saint Etienne. Observing all the rules of the road, he was keeping well to the right when he saw the driver of a lorry behind (3) _________ to overtake him. When it drew level, Joel glanced into the cabin and saw, to his stupefaction, his wife Monique, (4) _________ he imagined safe at home in bed, sitting next to the driver, who (5) _________ out to be Patrick Monron, 47.

Monique paled, Joel turned purple with rage and put his foot down, (6) _________ his horrified rival tried desperately to escape. First on the motorway, then on the Route Nationale, they engaged in a mad and dangerous chase through the Puy-de-Dome, across the Upper Loire and then the Loire itself, passing and repassing each other and forcing other motorists off the road until they finally crashed into each other. That was not the end.

The knights of the road climbed out and continued the battle with (7) _________ weapons they could find - a crowbar and the handle of an axe. It was a bloody struggle: one duellist (Patrick) had his arm (8) _________ to shreds and the other had deep head wounds. Honour still unsatisfied, they got back into their lorries and were off again, this time trying to edge each other into a deep ravine that fell away at one side of the road. But Patrick, the adulterer, (9) _________ so much blood that he passed out, and Monique, who had stayed in his cab all the time, had to take the wheel. She managed to stop the truck and call the police, fire brigade and an ambulance. Yesterday Patrick was in hospital and Joel in prison. History (10) _________ whether Monique is at bedside or bars.

The film rights are presumably still available.

The Daily Telegraph (BrE)

# A B C D
1 the other other another others
2 as like so such a
3 to pull out pull out pulled out being pulled out
4 whom whose who who’s
5 took got pulled turned
6 in case so as to while unless
7 which what’s what that
8 cuts cut cutting to cut
9 had lost has lost was lost losing
10 do not record is not recorded did not record does not record

1.A; 2.A; 3.B; 4.A; 5.D; 6.C; 7.C; 8.B; 9.A; 10.D

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