Marlin: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

An excellent fish is the immense black marlin (1) _________ global-size blue eyes stare down from its simulated ‘waters’ over (2) _________doors of the executive conference room of the National Museum of Natural History. It is officially recognized as the largest bony fish ever (3) _________on rod and reel, a record that (4) _________since August 1953, when Alfred Glassel caught the (5) _________female eight miles off the steep shoreline of Cabot Blanco, Peru, where the Andes plunge (6) _________the Pacific. Glassel chose this fishing ground (7) _________that’s where the cold Humboldt Current meets upwelling eddies of marine life. (8) _________30 large females were hooked in the area at that time.

Glassel’s record ‘grander’ - meaning a black marlin (9) _________more than 1,000 pounds - was one of four he (10) _________there. His success prompted S. Kip Farrington, a well-known fishing writer, (11) _________the “rod and reel Young Man of the Sea”.

1 which who whom whose
2 an the a -
3 has been caught was caught catch caught
4 has stood stood had stood is standing
5 14 foots 7 inches 14 foot 7 inches 14 foot 7 inch 14 feet 7 inch
6 from into next to behind
7 although though because through
8 More than More then Much more Many more
9 was weighed weighed was weighing weighing
10 had caught catches is catching was catching
11 called to be called to call calling

1.D; 2.B; 3.D; 4.A; 5.C; 6.B; 7.C; 8.A; 9.D; 10.A; 11.C

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