Model Novice: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Browsing the row of summer dresses, I pulled one off the rack. ’Do you like this, Mum?’ I asked. ’Oh, I don’t know dear, it’s a bit low-cut,’ she said, hesitantly. As I (1)________ the shop, I noticed some of the kids I taught at school looking at something similar. ’Maybe you’re right,’ I quipped.

It was the summer holidays, and I was (2)________ some time off with my mum Andrea. On the way back to the car park, I could see a commotion. As I looked again, I spotted a camera crew and a (3)________ woman coming towards me. ’Mum, look, it’s Coleen McLoughlin!’ I said.

’Isn’t she one of those Wags, who goes out with Wayne Rooney?’ Mum replied.

Feeling a bit star (4)________, I was amazed when I saw her running towards me. As I stood grinning, she introduced herself, and said she was working on an ITV programme called Coleen’s Real Women, and was looking for (5)________ girls to be models. ’Would you like to come along to our casting day?’ she asked, hopefully. I was so shocked, all I could do was (6)________. When I got home, Coleen rang me (7)________ I was coming. ’I can’t believe it,’ I said to my boyfriend Graham.

At the casting, there were 90 other girls, who were so beautiful I couldn’t believe I’d been (8)________. At the end of the day, I expected to go home, and get on with my normal life. But I was asked to come back. Before I knew it, after another round of casting, I (9)________ the final five. The only problem was, it was close to term time, and I’d need to take time off. ’I’ve been asked if I’d be a model by Coleen McLoughlin,’ I told my head teacher. ’Could I take time off?’

’Model? Coleen? -1 think you need to come and see the school counsellor,’ he joked. But, once I explained it all, he said it was fine. A few weeks later, I went to a photo (10)________ with Coleen in London. We then had to present our portfolios to a hair company, who were picking a model to use in adverts. It was between me and one other girl and two models. I couldn’t believe it when they chose me and the other (11)________ girl over all the professionals!

With all the adverts out, the show finally got screened on telly. I was nervous about watching it, but sat with my dad, Mum, Graham, twin sister Jackie and sister Lisa, 21, with my hands over my eyes.

I enjoyed modelling, but I went back to my day job. It’s nice to think I’ve got street (12)________ with the kids. I hope it makes them model students!

1 looked through looked for looked around looked across
2 enjoying pleasing entertaining appreciating
3 glossy glittering glam sparkling
4 punched struck swatted smacked
5 tolerable customary pitiable ordinary
6 nod bend shrug wag
7 to ratify to examine to verify to check
8 pointed picked elected voted
9 was down for was down to was down with was down on
10 shot show art view
11 experienced competent mature amateur
12 confession credit credentials credibility

1.C; 2.A; 3.C; 4.B; 5.D; 6.A; 7.D; 8.B; 9.B; 10.A; 11.D; 12.D

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