​Mountain in Jordan: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

I could see the mountains of Petra in the distance and I heard (1) _______ sound — silence. But sitting near the top of that mountain in Wadi Musa, Jordan, I only wanted one (2) _______ thing…to go higher.

Pulling myself over the rocks onto the next ledge, I found (3) _______ I expected... an even more breathtaking view. As I hiked up the mountain my desire to go higher only seemed (4) _______ . The (5) _______ I got, the more I wanted to keep going. I wanted to see what it felt like to be on the top, as (6) _______ as I could possibly go.

But no matter how high I climbed, there was always a higher peak. As a young man, I just wanted more—more height, a better view, a more intense thrill... more, more, more.

(7) _______ more has been a human trait from the beginning. Our human nature leaves us with longing (8) _______ something better, something … more. But what are we really (9)_______ for?

Mankind (10) to find the answer for thousands of years. So think (11), reach high-never stop climbing!

1 the most sweer the most sweetest sweeter the sweetest
2 other the other more else
3 that what which some
4 to increase increasing to be increased to increasing
5 higher high highest more higher
6 high highly higher more higher
7 Wanted Wanting To want Being wanted
8 at in for by
9 starting gazing watching looking
10 are not able were not able has not been able had not been able
11 as vertically more vertical vertical vertically

1.d; 2.c; 3.b; 4.a; 5.a; 6.a; 7.b; 8.c; 9.d; 10.c; 11.d

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