​Mummification: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Egyptian cemeteries were (1) _________ sited in the desert to (2) _________ of towns and cities. (3) _________ burials were made (4) _________into pits in the ground, where they (5)_________ by hot dry sand. A belief in life after death was current in (6) _________ Predynastic times when burials typically (7) _________ simple grave goods. (8) _________ the body the practice of mummification was developed.

After the removal of the internal organs (9) _________ in four containers (10) _________ as Canonical jars – the body was (11) _________ out using natron, a natural salt. Finally, it (12)_________ in linen bandages and placed in a coffin. As incarnate gods, the pharaohs (13)_________ especially elaborate mummification.

They were carefully bandaged with fine linen, their bodies covered with protective amulets and jewellery. A gold mask (14) _________ over the neck and head before the royal mummy was encased in a series (15) _________ coffins and placed in a huge stone sarcophagus in the burial chamber.

1 commonest commonly common commoner
2 westwards western west the west
3 The earliest Earlier Earliest Early
4 directs direction directly direct
5 preserved preserve are preserved were preserved
6 the a an
7 include was included included were included
8 Preserved Preserving To preserve Being preserved
9 preserved were preserved preserving to preserve
10 known knowing knows knew
11 has dried dries dry dried
12 was wrapped wrapped wrapping is wrapped
13 undergo underwent has undergone were undergone
14 were placed was placed is placed will be placed
15 in of on under

1.B; 2.D; 3.A; 4.C; 5.D; 6.B; 7.C; 8.C; 9.A; 10.A; 11.D; 12.A; 13.B; 14.B; 15.B

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