On Snobbery: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Snobbery is not so (1)_________ in England today as it was at the beginning of the century. It still (2)_________ , however, and advertisers know how to use it in order to sell their goods. A snob, the dictionaries tell us, is a person who (3)_________too much respect to social position or wealth, the popular newspapers know that many of their readers are snobs. That is why they give them unimportant and useless information about persons of high social (4)_________, photographs of «Lady X and her friends» at a ball, or «Lord V and his friends» at the races. It is snobbery that makes some men feel annoyed when on the envelopes of letters addressed to them, they find «Mr.» before their names instead of «Esq.» after their names. Snobbery (5)_________why many people give their suburban house a name, such as «The Oaks, The Pines, TheCedars», even though there are no oak trees, pine trees or cedar trees in their (6)_________ . People of high social position have country houses with names, so a house with a name (7)_________«better» than a house with a number. Numbers make the postman’s work much easier, but that is not important. The advertisers are very clever in their (8)_________of snobbery. Motor-car manufacturers, for example, advertise the colours of their cars as «Balmoral Stone». Balmoral stone is the grey colour of (9)_________stone, butBalmoral is also the name of the (10)_________in Scotland of the British royal family.

1 fashionable common normal general
2 alive real exists occurs
3 pays feels gains earns
4 State condition post position
5 signs explains characterises describes
6 gardens grounds vineyards lawns
7 seems invents imagines impresses
8 utility employment application use
9 general usual common ordinary
10 Abode accommodation residence dwelling

1.B; 2.C; 3.A; 4.D; 5.B; 6.A; 7.A; 8.D; 9.D; 10.C

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