Pick a Word

Pick a Word

I am (not)... You are (not)...

Are you? Am I?

Age: any.

Level: elementary.

Concerns: elementary personal information, am, are, numerals, jobs, nationalities, traits of character.

Personal information: simple vocabulary (supposed to be used in this structure) is written at random on the board:

  • several adjectives for appearance tall, short, plump, slim, slender, etc.,
  • several adjectives for nationalities: British, Japanese, Ukrainian, etc.,
  • several names: John, Jessica, Patrick, etc.,
  • numerals for age: 7, 9. 11, 21, 32 etc., 
  • names of professions: a driver, a cook, a babysitter, an explore, etc., 
  • names of out-school/work activities: a theatre/cinema goer, a cyclist, a puppeteer, a coin collector, etc.,
  • some additional interesting adjectives: sporty, busy, happy, sad, witty, clever, foxy, etc.

Students decide on their imaginary role and tell a story about themselves.

Or students ask others questions using these ideas and pivot words.

You can also use cards for this activity. Students either work with cards or choose the proposed words from those written on the board to make up questions/sentences according to their imaginary role. Students can also work in pairs asking a lot of questions with Are you? until they get a correct answer.

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