Pre-school Kids. Lesson 1

Pre-school Kids. Lesson 1


Teacher: Hello, kids!

1. Come to each child, give a wave of Hello to each child, each time saying HELLO, fostering kids to repeat the gesture and say HELLO.

2. Ask children to chant HELLO TEACHER!

(at least 5 times in chorus, if there is a song, use it).

3. T: My name is… Ask children to guess the meaning. 

Repeat the phrase as many times as many children there are, come to each of them, say Hello (give a wave), say My name is (shake hands with them). 

Do not ask children to say their names. It is advisable here to listen to a song "Hello". 

My name is… or chant the phrases with kids, each time changing the names in the phrase (as many times, as many children there are): Hello, hello, my name is Peter, hello, hello, my name is Jane, etc.

4. Play out a dialogue with an animal toy: Hello, My name is… What is your name? My name is Teddy, Teddy Bear. 

Use at least three toys to present the structure three times, but choose simple names for the animals. Children will understand, if do not then translate.

5. Chunk the phrase into separate words and chant it all together


IS IS…..






6. Ask children to move around the chair with a child sitting on, they chant: 

HELLO, HELLO WHAT IS YOUR NAME? The child answers and stands up for another child to sit down.

7. Video Song.

"Hello Hello What is your name?", watch and repeat at least 3 times

8. Gym sequence time. 

Any simple movements; show and ask children to repeat. 

Use the same gym rhymes for at least three lessons then add more lines.

9. Letters A B C. Presentation. 

Show the pictures of the letters. Pronounce and ask children to repeat together. Each time ask them to pronounce faster, then ask them to pronounce three letters backwards.

10. ABC practice.

Letter a, sound a, letter b, sound b, letter c , sound k. Show the letters and sounds at the same time and chant as many times as possible. Play: slowly write any letter on the board, let children guess what letter it is. Children say: Letter…Slowly write any sound on the board , let children say Sound …

11. Gym time.

The same gym rhymes as previously.

12. Drawing time. Let children color letters A B C, printed in black and white for coloring. Show two pencils of blue and red color. Start coloring A with red, let children watch you coloring and repeat: RED, RED …. Letter A is red, ask children to color A and say letter A, red letter A….

13. Reading time. 

Print out the repeated syllabuseslike: CA, CA, CA, BA, BA, BA, AB, AB, AB….Ask children to follow after you with their fingers and repeat in chorus.

Find a song just for ABC…

Cartoon time. Find a cartoon with target structures on U-tube. Make pauses for kids to repeat the target structures.

14. Revision.

Repeat everything you learnt in chorus.

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