Read and Write. Kids Starters

Read and Write. Kids Starters

Count the letter

If children know the ABC (or a part of the alphabet) and can count, ask them to pronounce the ABC sounds while you are counting at the same time: 1 2 3...

Say unexpectedly STOP and ask children to pronounce the sound together aloud. 

If somebody pronounces it wrong, they leave the game.

There might be all kids or half a class the winners.

Guess what letter I am drawing

Teacher or a pupil startsdrawing a letter, doing it as slowly as possible, others guess saying “It is a” “It is a capital A”, “It is c”, etc.

Alternatively: you can also play this game drawing letters in the air.

The letter color

Ask children to put all their pencils in front of them. 

Children are supposed to know at least three colours. 

If they know more the more competitive the game is. 

Dictate clearly: letter A is red. 

Capital letter A is blue. Small letter "a” is yellow, and so on. 

Walk around and find the winner or the group/row of winners.

Describe the letter

Use as simple vocabulary for letter description as possible. 

For example: this letter is small, we can sing this letter, it is round like the sun. (letter o)

Build the letter

Ask children to put all their pens and pencils in front of them. Say what letter to build, help if necessary. While children are building a letter ask them to repeat letter K, sound (k).

Write and sing

Ask children to take a pencil of their favourite colour or a pen for older kids, write with them simultaneously on the board.

For example: K plus O is KO and go on writing KO and singing the phoneme to a tune of your choice.

Wrong phonemes

Decide on the phoneme you want to practice in writing and reading, for example M+ a vowel. 

Write and pronounce MO, MA, MU, MI, MY, ME, MA, MO, and so on; write and say unexpectedly FO, FA. 

Children stop writing and shout WRONG PHONEME! 

Then go on with FO, FA, etc.

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