Test 12


Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Around the World Solo VoyageIn an interview with The Atlantic's Video channel, filmmaker Jillian Schlesinger discusses the film: The Atlantic:


Jillian Schlesinger: I think anytime a young person is doing something so far outside the realm of what is considered normal and conventionally accepted, it ruffles a lot of feathers*. Some people applaud and stand up for it, others call it insane and irresponsible. Everyone brings their own experiences and values to considering it, however I noticed the more I read the more it seemed Laura's own voice was missing from the conversation about her voyage.

it ruffles a lot of feathers*= it irritates a lot


Jillian Schlesinger: I read about Laura in the New York Times in 2009 and immediately wanted to make the film. I spent some time thinking about the concept and approach and then reached out to Laura with a detailed illustrated proposal and a long personal letter about my experience and intentions. Laura connected to something in my proposal, responded, and we began discussing the details of how we would make this thing happen.


Jillian Schlesinger: This was a very challenging first film to make, but I'm glad I didn't go into it with that mindset. Most of the creative and logistical challenges were really exciting, like the challenge making a film about something unfolding as it's being documented and happening largely outside of your presence and outside of your control. It required a lot of trust—trust in Laura, in other collaborators, in the universe. It's crazy now to look back on how it all came together, but at the time it was all unfolding, it seemed so hard to imagine that it would eventually become something that people could see and react to.


Jillian Schlesinger: Laura's creative input and our collaborative working relationship were essential to every stage of the filmmaking process. I would say our relationship has been much more of a deep friendship and creative partnership than what I imagine to be a typical filmmaker-subject bond, if there even is one. When I would go to meet her in various ports along her route, the filming was always a secondary consideration to our many adventures. While we often had a camera in tow, the spirit of our collaboration was much more akin to two friends working on a project together, rather than me, the filmmaker, making a film about Laura, the subject.


Jillian Schlesinger: Laura is living on her own in New Zealand, doing a bit of traveling and speaking about her experiences. She recently got her driver's license. She's also busy plotting her next adventure.

A The Atlantic: How involved was she from a technical standpoint?
B The Atlantic: After she finished sailing, and with Maidentrip on the festival circuit, has the conversation changed?
C The Atlantic: Why do you think Dekker's voyage has been such a polarizing subject?
D The Atlantic: What changed things dramatically?
E The Atlantic: How did you come to meet Dekker and make the film?
F The Atlantic: What were the biggest challenges in making Maidentrip a reality?
G The Atlantic: What is Dekker up to today?
H TheAtlantic:What was your relationship with Dekker like during filming?


Read the text below. For questions (6 – 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The FerndigsThree miles across the water from the town of Blascott lies the group of islands known as the Ferndigs. The main island is St Michael. Separated by a narrow channel of water is St Michael's little sister, St Margaret. People first lived on these islands 1,500 years ago. By the 1950s the population had gone down to below twenty, and in 1960 the last person left the islands. But in 1991 two families moved back, and since then more people have followed. Tourists now visit regularly to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Visit one shop on the islands which sells butter, cheese and bread produced by the families who live there. The produce is also taken by boat to restaurants in Blascott, where it can be enjoyed by visitors to the area. Perhaps more interestingly, a range of perfumes is made from the wild flowers and herbs which grow on the island. They are produced mainly for export and are very special. So a visit to the shop is a must!

St Michael Island is easily explored on foot but, in the interests of safety, visitors are requested to keep to the main footpaths. From where the boat lands, walk along the cliff until you reach a steep path signposted to the church. When you get there, it is worth spending a moment in this lovely old building. Carry on along the same path which continues to climb to the highest point on the island.There is a wonderful view from here along the coastline. If it is warm, you may like to finish your day relaxing on the beach. Priory Beach on the eastern side of the island is safe for swimming. Sandtop Bay on the western side is the other sandy beach, but swimming is not advised here.

It is possible to hire a boat to cross to the islands, or you can take one of the boat trips which depart from Blascott harbour in summer, Monday to Friday. The islands are always open to visitors apart from on Sundays. Buy a ticket for a boat trip from the kiosk in Blascott harbour. The charge for landing on the islands is included in the ticket but, if you take your own boat, remember to take some money. The crossing takes thirty minutes, and boats run every fifteen minutes.

Before you set off on a trip, visit the exhibition centre which tells the history of the islands and gives information about birds and wildlife you may see when you get there.

6. In 1980s... on the islands.
A a few people lived
B no one lived
C a lot of inhabitants lived
D few people lived
7. Tourists can visit... on the islands.
A one restaurant
B several restaurants
C no restaurants
D a number of restaurants
8. You cannot buy ... in the island shops.
A foods
B perfumery
C flowers
D dairy products
9. It is impossible to visit the islands...
A on Sunday
B on Saturday
C at weekends
D in summer
10. The journey to the islands lasts...
A a quarter of an hour
B an hour
C every two hours
D half an hour


Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (11 – 16). There are two choices you do not need to use.

The Fastest Cars in the World


Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Bugatti is again among the leaders for speed! Limited model Veyron Super Sport has set a new speed record for serial supercars. Engine power increased to 1200 horses. Substantially changed aerodynamics car roof, which has resulted in better streamlining the body. For seed customers until released five cars in this series. However, to protect the tires, speed is electronically limited to 415 km/h.


SSC Ultimate Aero TT

After seven years of design, the legendary producer of supercars Shelby Super Cars (SSC) presented the car, which has no equal! The car has an official status - The fastest production car in the world. Best American supercar!


Hennessey Venom 1000 Twin Turbo

The basis took Viper SRT-10 and a set of Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Engine Upgrade, eventually emerged the fastest and most powerful modified low-volume car in the world. Huge 8-literV10 completely redesigned and equipped with dual turbochargers, dual Intercooler and upgraded exhaust.


Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Greatest supercar of all time, named after French racing driver Pierre Veyron, who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1939, the Bugatti racing car. Two hundred cars were built from 2005 to 2008, they were different versions: Veyron 16.4, Pur Sang, Hermes Edition, Sang Noir,Targa, Vincero, and Bleu Centenaire.


Koenigsegg CCXR Edition

This car is the only environmentally-friendly supercar on the planet. Swedish designers make the car conform to eco-standards and work on bioethanol (E85 Bioethanol). Be environmentally friendly - does not mean to be slow and boring. Unfortunately, the presence of 1,000 horsepower engine, and at the same time pleasing environment is not cheap.


9ff Porsche GT9-R

The project is based on car Porsche 997. GT9-R - now the fastest supercar in the world! SSC broke the record at 1 mile per hour. 20 cars, GT9-R is available with three power outputs from 750 hp to an incredible 1120 hp. The machines are designed not only for the straight-line sprints, but for piloting at the complex routes, such as the Nurburgring.

Which car...

A has the lightest body
B is good for driving on bumpy roads
C is a vehicle propelled by ejection of pressurized gas or liquid
D uses eco-friendly fuels
E has rate of motion limitations
F was named after its driver
G possesses the authorized rank for its speedy creation
H is equipped with a central location of steering


Read the text below. Choose from (A - H) the one which best fits each space (17-22). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Looks, Money or Character Choosing. What's Important?

When we evaluate our looks, we must consider that looks fade with time. Our economy is in a deficit and most of our personal bank accounts have dwindled down to the very bare minimum. It looks as though we have not been able to count upon our money, trust funds or inheritance to see us through these difficult times. What about our character? Is character our saving grace, (17)________ ? Let's closely, examine these three components, looks, money or character.

Those beautiful bodies or drop dead good looks are just considered high maintenance nowadays. Plastic surgeons, would testify (18)________. After all, good looks are the means to their wealth and success.

Let's face the cold hard facts, most of us are not the beautiful people, we see on the magazine covers. We are mostly average in our looks and don't have the money to squander on plastic surgery. Therefore, we must develop our characters. The only thing we have left, (19)________. Character appears to "be the most important element to carry us though these difficult times.

Our character can be seen by others by our actions. A steadfast character cannot be easily influenced. Our character may stand in for good credit, influential careers and leadership in our communities. How many people do you know (20)________ with their good looks? Sure, the super models may get accepted into the finest hotels and Hollywood parties (21)________. Just ask those fading beauties, or the beautiful women over forty, "How often their names appear at the top of the invited guest list"?

Most believe, money will buy anything. Money will not buy love, respect or honor. Just look at all of the wealthy people who have fallen far from grace, (22)________.

My guess, is most people want what they don't have. However, character can be acquired by anyone.

A that looks are most important
B in spite of their enormous wealth
C and don't have enough money
D when our looks fade and the bank account is depleted
E such a wealthy, much older, man as Rupert Murdoch
F that we will carry with us to our graves is our character
G when he lost all his money
H with their flawless, airbrushed good looks


Read the text below. For questions (23 – 32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

A young man was walking through a supermarket to (23)________ a few things when he (24)________ an old lady following him around. Thinking nothing of it, he ignored her and (25)________. Finally, he went to the (26)________ line, but she got in front of him."Pardon me," she said, "I'm sorry if my (27)________ at you has made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that you (28)________ my son who just died recently.""I'm very sorry," replied the young man, "Is there (29)________ I can do for you?" "Yes," she said. "As I'm leaving, can you say'Goodbye, mother'? It would make me feel much better.""Sure,"answered the young man.

As the old woman was leaving, he called out, "Goodbye, mother!" As he (30)________ to the checkout counter, he saw that his total was $127.50. "How can that be?" he asked, "I only (31)________ a few things!" "Your mother said that you would pay for her," said (32)________.

# A B C D
23 pick on pick up pick at pick for
24 watched noticed looked observed
25 ran out walked in continued on passed along
26 check checking checkout checked
27 staring looking glancing peeping
28 look just as look just like look just similar look just identical
29 anything something nothing any
30 stepped in stepped up stepped out stepped into
31 took chose purchased got
32 the owner the policeman the clerk the customer


Read the text below. For questions (33 – 42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

A truck driver (33)________ 100 penguins to the New York Zoo when his truck (34)________ on the freeway. The driver got out of the cab and (35)________ at the engine when a second truck driver stopped in front of him and asked if he (36) _any help. (37)________ explained that he is taking the penguins to the zoo and asked if the other man (38)________ the penguins there. He agreed.Some hours later, the second truck driver (39)________ the first one, who was still waiting on the freeway for (40)________. The penguins, however, were still on the truck! "I thought I asked you (41)________ those penguins to the zoo," shouted the first driver. The second replied, "I did, but I had some money (42)________, so we're going to the cinema now."
# A B C D
33 driving was driving drove drives
34 broke off broke down broke up broke in
35 looking looked was looking looks
36 need needs will need needed
37 The penguins' driver The penguins driver The penguin's driver The penguins driver's
38 will take would take took taking
39 drives passed driving past drove past drove pass
40 help coming help to come helping to come helping coming
41 taking to have taken to take take
42 left leave having left leaving


43. You are supposed to hand in a project for your biology class by the end of the week. However, your brother is getting married in Kyiv at the same time and the entire family is travelling there for the occasion. Write to your teacher. In your letter:

  • explain the situation;
  • remind the teacher of your fine academic record;
  • ask for an extension of the due date.
  • Begin your letter as follows: Dear_______

    You should write at least 100 words.

    1.C; 2.E; 3.F; 4.H; 5.G; 6.B; 7.C; 8.C; 9.A; 10.D; 11.E; 12.G; 13.A; 14.F; 15.D; 16.B; 17.D; 18.A; 19.F; 20.H; 21.C; 22.B; 23.B; 24.B; 25.B; 26.C; 27.A; 28.B; 29.A; 30.B; 31.C; 32.C; 33.B; 34.B; 35.C; 36.D; 37.A; 38.B; 39.C; 40.B; 41.C; 42.A

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