Test 13


Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use

Items Which Cannot Be Carried in Hand Baggageand Even as Checked -in Baggage

( 1 )__________

Such as Flare Guns, Gun Lighters and Gun Powder. Blasting caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Flares (in any form), Hand Grenades and Realistic Replicas of something that blows up.

( 2 )__________

Such as (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as Butane, Oxygen, Liquid nitrogen and Aqualung cylinders, (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous).

( 3 )__________

Such as Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities), Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel), Gasoline, Gas Torches, Lighter Fluid, Strike anywhere matches, Turpentine and Paint Thinner, Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries.

( 4 )__________

Such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.

( 5 )__________

Such as acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries (except those in wheelchairs), oven or drain cleaners.

A Other dangerous articles
B Corrosives
C Explosive Materials
D Flammable Items
E Radio-active materials
F Compressed gases
G Oxidizing materials
H Poisonous and infectious substances


Read the text below. For questions (6 – 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Walkie Talkie: a Visit to 20 Fenchurch StreetHave you heard of 20 Fen-church Street, the "Building with more up top"? A quick straw poll of friends and colleagues suggests that this new London skyscraper has yet to work its way into the popular consciousness. It will, though.

Three things set it apart from any other tower in the city.

  • It's fatter at the top than the bottom, leaning out 13 meters at the top. The bulbous shape has earned it the nickname of the WalkieTalkie.
  • It's set apart from the main cluster of tall buildings in the City, and is closer to the Thames. So, despite being marginally shorter than the Gherkin, it looms over the river like it owns the place.
  • It'll have a public 'Skygarden' on the upper floors, offering hilltop-like views at the top of an office block. What's more, the Skygarden will be free, as a condition of the planning consent. Expect countless articles in 2014 comparing the views between the Walkie Talkie and the Shard.
  • The tower reached its final floor height (38 storeys) several months ago, its naked core lurking over the City like a monstrous inedible biscuit. The final shape is only now beginning to emerge, as the steel floor plates climb towards the top. It's a complex, curvy form, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, that developers say couldn't have been designed or built without modern 3D modeling software.

    It hardly needs to be said, but the views from the top are pretty special. The main City cluster, with Lloyds, Willis, Gherkin, Heron,Tower 42 and the growing Cheesegrater, looks almost huggable from this perspective, while the other sides offer views of the West End, East End and across the river to the Shard. The Skygarden, due to open at the back end of 2014, is sure to be the hottest free ticket in town.

    Most of the tower will be taken up with office space. Despite the ongoing economic doldrums, developers Land Securities and Canary Wharf Group have had some success in attracting tenants, with 19% of the space pre-let. The variable floor plates are an attraction, allowing different sized companies to snuggle in. The developers are also banking on an exodus from the estimated 10 million square feet of floor space up for lease renewal elsewhere in the City between 2014 and 2016.

    With its unique shape and unique views, everyone's going to have an opinion on this building.

    6. WalkieTalkie is... in London.
    A the most famous church
    B an unfinished superstructure
    C completed office
    D a popular shrine in a state of inactivity or stagnation
    7. The structure has got its nickname Walkie Talkie because of its .
    A shaped
    B roof
    C surroundings
    D upper floors
    8. People will have a possibility to visit this place ...
    A at a high price
    B without any charge
    C only in summer
    D with a special permit
    9. The construction was created with the help of...
    A up-to-date computer program
    B soft materials
    C a monstrous cookie
    D an office block
    10. The word 'doldrums' probably means a state of...
    A monotony
    B happiness
    C joy
    D inactivity or stagnation

    Task 3. READING

    Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (11 – 16). There are two choices you do not need to use.

    (11)__________ Business Listing Premium £36.00 (inc 20% VAT) 12 month Business Advertisement £30 p.a. plus VAT Create your own advertisement within a microsite to promote your business (or we can help lay this out, if you provide some of the content and a picture if preferred). Reach the many visitors to this website - both residents and visitors - to advertise your products and services, 24/7 x 365 days per year.
    (12)__________ Website Premium Advert £60.00 (inc 20% VAT) Create a premium advert for placement within one of the most appropriate web-pages for your target audience. Your advert will occupy a prominent position in the right hand side bar, and you can be assured that you will be seen by the many visitors to our popular pages.
    (13)__________ Community Webpage Advertise your charitable, not for profit or voluntary organization, or community group, for free. Send us details of your group or upcoming projects, together with contact details and an optional photograph and we will create your own dedicated microsite within our listings. Contact us.
    (14)__________ Simply email us with details, including description, contact details and a photograph if available, and we will post an advertisement for up to 2 weeks completely free of charge.
    (15)__________ Wallingford Pancake Race Get your frying pans at the ready as Wallingford's annual Pancake Race is happening onTuesday 4th March, 2014. This year's theme is 'Galloping Gourmets' and we have award winning chef Steve Sanderson from the Chequers in Burcot doing a live cooking display of how to jazz up your pancakes! Registration starts at 9:30am, with the children's race kicking off at 10am and the adult's race soon after at 10.15am. All the adults must bring a frying pan and we will supply the pancakes! There are prizes for first girl, first boy, first man and first woman, as well as a prize for best fancy dress.
    (16)__________ 16. Wallingford Museum Opening Wallingford Museum opens again on Saturday 1st March 2014, with the main exhibition for 2014 being “Siege and Strife: Wallingford and War”

    Click for more details

    Which of the ads helps you in...

    A selecting the appropriate staples
    B finding the item you need
    C buying some stuff for vegetarians
    D receiving more and more followers
    E raising money for charity
    F keeping your customers up to date on your business or service
    G finding necessary information about a special event
    H looking at the impact historical battles have had on the town and its people.

    Task 4. READING

    Read the text below. Choose from (A - H) the one which best fits each space (17-22). There are three choices you do not need to use

    Don't Forget the Accessories!

    When purchasing a computer system for school, there are a number of accessories that one probably needs to buy with the computer. One of the key things (17)________ is a printer. While its possible to survive in a college without a printer, it is much easier to print your papers on your own (18)________. Laser printers make for better values thanks to the long lasting toners (19)________. Admittedly color laser is quite expensive and not as good for images. A great place to begin the search for the right printer is with the Buyer's Guide from About Printer/Scanners.

    Living in a college dorm can be quite problematic for those with computers. Roommates may want to borrow a computer to write a paper or even worse, items can be stolen from rooms. Computer security devices such as cable locks are a good idea particularly for those (20)________. This can help prevent the unwanted theft of a computer system.

    Students with portable computers will need many more accessories. A good computer bag or backpack will be the most vital accessory. Having to carry a computer around a campus requires a comfortable and durable bag. In addition to this, students may want a compact mouse (21)________. If students plan on using their systems heavily during their days on campus, it's a good idea to buy a spare or external battery pack to help them keep going when there isn't an available power outlet.

    Finally, do not forget the software. It's a good idea to try and look for software packages (22)________. This can save the student a lot of time as they will only have to learn one application instead of several. Many computers have minimal software packages that are sufficient for the most basic of tasks. College students will generally require much more flushed out office suites. Once again, it is advisable for the college students to buy software through the college bookstore. Academic software packages can be as much as 75% off the retail prices.

    A if they dislike the built-in trackpads
    B that are compatible with the applications used by the school the student is attending
    C that students will need for school
    D which can be predictable
    E than relying on school computers that can be inconvenient
    F who use laptop computers
    G used instead of inks
    H bought at sales

    Task 5. USE OF ENGLISH

    Read the text below. For questions (23 – 32) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

    Jobs for Driving TeensTeens who already have cars or who live somewhere with a good public transportation system can look outside of their neighborhoods for part time work. Most teens have success in finding jobs within service or retail industries. Look for these (23)________ of jobs:

    Food Service: Work as a cashier or cook at a fast food joint, waitress at a restaurant, bus tables at the local (24)________ or serve as hostess at an upscale establishment. There are plenty of jobs in the restaurant and food service industry perfect for teens. Older teens with good driving records may be able to work as a (25)________ driver, too.

    Grocery Stores: Bag groceries, cashier or stock at a (26)________ grocery store.

    Retail: Working retail at the mall or local big box discount store may not sound glamorous, but you will often find these jobs work well around your hectic teenage (27)________. Additionally, many stores offer employees discounts, so be sure to find out if your favorite store is hiring.

    Janitorial: Cleaning may not sound like fun, but in (28)________ where good help is hard to find, it could be your ticket to some spending cash. Check out office places, maid services, hotels and even your own school for janitorial jobs.

    Bank Teller: Teens with a strong academic background, especially in math, may be able to find part time work at a local bank (29)________.

    If you aren't too picky about where you want to work, you can spend a day at the mall gathering job (30)________, take them home, fill them all out, and odds are pretty good you'll get a job from your day of work.

    A high school intern job is something junior, senior and just graduated teens should look for when applying for jobs. If you have a potential (31)________ path in mind, this is a great way to break into your chosen field. High school interns often start lower than college interns, but it is a great way to learn more about the field you want to work in. Consider an internship if you are interested in these careers: architecture, journalism, accounting, music production, marketing, public relations.

    Working as an intern is not glamorous, (32)________ what field you want to break into. Filing, working as a personal assistant, answering phones, and other odd jobs often fall on the high school intern.

    # A B C D
    23 sorts ways types kinds
    24 dinner dining diner dieter
    25 mailing delivery posting bringing
    26 indigenous native local district
    27 schedule timetable curriculum program
    28 regions areas acres paths
    29 part section branch building
    30 documents blanks bills applications
    31 career profession work job
    32 no wonder no reason no difference no matter

    Task 6. USE OF ENGLISH

    Read the text below. For questions (33 – 42) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

    Giant Blue Cock In Trafalgar Square'Hahn/Cock, as the artist Katharina Fritsch (33)________ her creation, is (34)________ enormous blue bird perched atop the square's empty plinth, (35)________ his beak in the general direction of Nelson. The parallels between such an obviously French symbol and the (36)________ victory at Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars are easy (37)________ ; indeed, following a string of Fourth Plinth entries that (38)________ largely ignorant of their surroundings, this is (39)________ in a row (following Yinka Shonibare's Ship in a Bottle and Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset's Powerless Structures, Fig.101) that (40)________ directly with its auspicious setting.

    It's certain to divide opinion, but the crowds this morning seemed (41)________ by the beast.

    Hahn/Cock will be (42)________ until January 2015.

    # A B C D
    33 endow had endowed has endowed endowing
    34 an a - the
    35 to cock have cocked has cocked cocking
    36 Admiral Admirals' Admiral's Admirals's
    37 to make make making made
    38 be was were been
    39 three the third thirdth threes
    40 conversed conversing converses to converse
    41 charmed charming has charmed was charmed
    42 in display at display under display on display


    43. You have read the advertisement for a job in a local café in the evening. Write a letter to the owner Ms В Lattimer explaining why you think you are suitable for the job. Mention:

  • your experience of working in a cafe or restaurant;
  • the ability to communicate with customers;
  • a willingness to work hard.

  • 1.C; 2.A; 3.D; 4.H; 5.G; 6.B; 7.D; 8.B; 9.A; 10.D; 11.D; 12.F; 13.E; 14.A; 15.G; 16.H; 17.C; 18.E; 19.G; 20.F; 21.A; 22.B; 23.D; 24.C; 25.B; 26.C; 27.A; 28.B; 29.C; 30.D; 31.A; 32.D; 33.C; 34.A; 35.D; 36.C; 37.A; 38.C; 39.B; 40.C; 41.A; 42.D

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