Test 5

Test 5

Correct the words in bold

1.William Shakespeare was the greatest writer in English language.

2. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis may be eased by injecting a solution consisted of snake venom.

3. Uranus is the alone planet in the solar system which is tipped on its side.

4. Much nutritionists argue that people’s intake of fat should be reduced.

5. Many American novelists, such as Gore Vidal, resides in other countries.

6. The refracting telescope contains lenses that magnification the image which reaches it.

7. In some societies hired people cook, clean, take care after the children, and do the yard work.

8. It is relative little learned about the planet Uranus.

9. Platinum is a rare and value metal.

10. Some conservationists attempt saving rare domestic farm animals.

11. The oceans contain many forms of life that has not yet been discovered.

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