Tests: Correcting Mistakes Levels B1-B2

Tests: Correcting Mistakes Levels B1-B2

Correct the words in bold

Test 1

1. He followed me into the house and had greeted the guests warmly.

2. I don't know what I am to do; I want you tell me what you think of it.

3. When he was coming up to his house, he noticed a large car to stand at the entrance.

4. Don't mention it any longer, I want you to forgot it for ever.

5. There was smoke raising from the chimney of the house far away.

6. Ann is the only person which understands me, I can rely on her.

7. I should like to live in the country where there are plenty of sunshine.

8. I haven't seen Dan from the time he got married.

9. Unfortunately I wasn't home when you telephoned me last time.

10. The strike at the car factory, which lasted ten days, is now through.

11. The window that was broke yesterday has now been repaired by Tom.

12. Do you know well a men who lives next door?

13. Have you founded the keys you lost yesterday in the morning?

14. I won't be able to do very much but I'll do my the best.

15. I can't lend you no money, for all I've got now is a pound.

16. We watched Tom to approach the car and open the door hastily.

17. They looked at one another without saying nothing and Jim got into the car.

18. What has happened with you, boy, can't you talk at all?

19. I'd feel very comfortable if you are here now with us.

20. When I came up to Arthur he could hardly to speak.

Test 2

1. We often go visit our friends in Bristol, which is only 30 miles away.

2. Jack looks much nicer without his beard, which made him to look much older.

3. Yesterday we visited the city Museum, in which I'd never was before.

4. The part of town where I live is very noisy at night which makes it difficulty to sleep.

5. Tom didn't like the film but I thought it was interesting rather.

6. Sue stepped back, as if she were watching the actors to play.

7. She knew that she will make her children happy again in some time.

8. Columbus discovered America while he was looking after India, didn't he?

9. He raised from his seat and approached me slowly.

10. They heard Tom to enter the house and asked him to come up to them.

11. She sent me a card and I thanked her for it, though I wish she didn't do it.

12. It is cold tonight and it's raining, and we don't feel like going at the cinema.

13. There's an old men sitting alone by the wall and I wonder what he thinks of it all.

14. She lay the mirror down on the dresser and went over to the window and looked out.

15. George was not listening; he was reading his book and didn't say nothing.

16. I still don't know the truth and so do you.

17. They say Michael stole the money and ran away, because he was afraid of go to prison.

18. Kate sat down and told Leslie everything that happened to her two days before.

19. I suggested that he should sold his house and move to London.

20. It is said in the newspaper that the match was putting off. (...)

Test 3

1. I recited the poem and then she made me to read the text.

2. As I was the last to leave, I saw her to fall into her chair and cry.

3. Jim told me that the older I got the better school will be.

4. We had to wait on the porter to hand him two heavy packages.

5. I asked Jack to let me to know when he would come again.

6. She wasn't listening and began telling me about the film she saw two days before.

7. I'll keep in touch with you by all mean if I go.

8. There was so dark that I couldn't see her well.

9. Have you got many money? I have spent all mine.

10. I told her again I'd ring her up if I get a chance.

11. If I had gone to the party last night, I would see Ann there.

12. That cinema is nearly empty now, I remember a few years ago it would be crowding every night.

13. Tom said he was going to write to them at Friday.

14. Let them to translate the following passage into English.

15. I met Helen by my way to the University last Tuesday.

16. Our father didn't say nothing, he went on reading.

17. I have never heard Tom to say these words, I don't believe it.

18. Let's go to the living room and listen music, you'll like it.

19. Leave me alone, I didn't want to have nothing to do with you.

20. If I am in your place I should read this book, it's worth reading.

Test 4

1. The driver in front me stopped without warning and I drove into the back of his car.

2. If we don't go to their party next week, they would be very angry.

3. We looked at one another without saying nothing, as if we were strangers.

4. It is not easy for a teacher to make children to be fond of books.

5. She said she didn't know when he will graduate from the University.

6. They didn't want to come with us on first but in the end we were able to persuade them.

7. Your examinations are next week, you must be studying very hardly at the moment.

8. The last day of the competitions was the worse of all.

9. Tom was proud with his father who was a skilled master.(...)

10. I wonder where is my umbrella; I must have left it on the train.

11. I turned in the light over my armchair and began reading the novel written by Cronin.

12. Emma noticed him to smile and asked what was wrong, but he said nothing.

13. The clerks seemed to be very busy and nobody didn't come up to him.

14. A middle-age man came over and asked if he could help them in any way.

15. I can't find this book, I am looking for it for a quarter of an hour already.

16. Mary listened him attentively, trying to understand what he meant.

17. You has done something for which I shall always be grateful to you.

18. I received from her a letter saying that she will like to have a talk with me.

19. It was a very expensive restaurant so I hadn't even thought of go there.

20. Madame wants to know if you will have any of that sweet apples.

Test 5

1. She opened the door and looked out; it were raining since morning.

2. You must not to stay in the sun for a long time, it's bad for your health.

3. Someone entered the room, he looked up from his book and raised.

4. His wife was looking out the window; it was getting dark.

5. He walked slowly as if he were very tire.

6. I said that we are interested in the class for beginners.

7. Helen tells me that my above-describing theory is wrong and she doesn't like it.

8. They speak of it as if were something natural, don't they?

9. I shall never forget an old gentlemen who once travelled with me on the boat.

10. I have always been good at English but not so well at other subjects.

11. The children looked at each other, laughed and didn't say nothing.

12. They said they have lost their way in the mountains last Sunday.

13. They both left out home very early in the morning and at 8 o'clock reached the forest.

14. Your brother had to go to school through the mountain forest, hadn't he?

15. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a jobs.

16. They believed Dan will come back some day and never gave up hope.

17. James looked at us but didn't say nothing as he was too excited.

18. Half an hour later an old-fashion carriage drove up to the front door.

19. A young man with a sunburnt face and black hairs stood by the desk.

20. Can't you find out Nick's address? I need its badly.

Test 6

1. I have never seen a more happier child.

2. In school there is not so easy to learn a foreign language because pupils have so little time for it.

3.I tried to make him understand that the watch keeps perfect time.

4. That morning he got up after a long and sleeplessly night.

5. I didn't like all his lectures, I only liked some from them.

6. The Tower was guarded by the "beefeaters", the old soldiers dressing in clothes of long ago.

7. When the curtain came down at the end of the play, the audience raised to its feet, clapping loudly.

8. Outside a great crowd had gathered to cheer her as she entered into the theatre.

9. A good memory is a great help in the learning a language.

10. I thought that I was well prepared, but it turned up to be quite a mistake.

11. The woman stood on her back doorstep; she was thinking about her live and her children.

12. Mary watched her husband to come out of the house with their guest whom they had invited to a family Sunday lunch.

13. The arrival of the first guests was approached and we went out of the house.

14. Larry walked slowly out on to the veranda to have look at the table.

15. The guests were shown their places, and then everyone had sat down and smiled at each other.

Test 7

1. Next Sunday was coldly and foggy; we were disappointed because we couldn't go anywhere.

2. She looked at her son quickly and saw that his eyes were filling with pain and fear.

3. Sorry of the noise last night, we were having a party.

4. I have danced with you many time and you must tell me your name.

5. Many of my friends don't like Jane's singing too.

6. We decided to buy a quarter of pork and entered into the shop.

7. The lunch is very tasty and everybody like it.

8. It was a problem to find a person which spoke good Portuguese as well as English.

9. I think you might be able to tell me how much guests you have invited.

10. I heard her mother to speak and made up my mind to come up to her.

11. Helen doesn't borrow books from the school library too.

12. If we get tickets we should go to the theatre next Sunday.

13. Dick usually goes skating after classes if it isn't snow.

14. When I plan to go to the theatre usually I buy tickets on advance.

15. We had not call the doctor because Mary felt much better in the morning.

16. It was complete silence in the room, nobody said anything.

17. Lets have a drink, we've got a little time before the train leaves.

18. I don't think Jill would be a good teacher, she's got a little patience with children.

19. This is not first time that the car has broken down.

20. I didn't spend many money in the shop, all I bought was a pair of gloves.

Test 8

1. Tom was surprised to hear my voice when I called he.

2. If you worked harder you will know the English language better.

3. Suddenly Michael raised and approached the man standing by the window.

4. He asked if I was afraid the dog but I answered no.

5. An old gentlemen and his wife are still waiting for you downstairs.

6. He climbed over the wall without seen and slowly approached the house.

7. Three men are said to had been arrested after the explosion.

8. I expected your house to be big but I see now it's no bigger than my.

9. He was afraid Nancy will refuse to dance with him at the party.

10. It is one of the most wonderful book I have ever read.

11. He was big and clumsy, with large hands and foots.

12. The woman was surprised, she did not think the prize was her.

13. It was only 5 o'clock of the morning, and the office was empty.

14. On having hear a slight noise he looked up and saw Helen standing at the door.

15. Last summer my friends visited one of the most ancient town of England.

16. Over the mantelpiece the Bakers have got a beautiful picture painting by a famous artist.

17. The train stopped and we got out, very glad to be so nearly home at last.

18. If you like gardens, you can spend your free time digging, planting and doing another jobs which are needed in a garden.

19. Some times ago a friend of mine invited me to call on him.

20. She teaches the young love their language and literature.

Test 9

1. I am very sorry, but our team won't play, for one of our pupils has being ill with the measles.

2. By the way to his room Joe explained why he had not been able to come to class in time.

3. At first everybody were happy, but by midday their mood had changed.

4. The girl which was injured in the accident is now in hospital.

5. Let him to go out and play if he wants to be amused.

6. When she saw what had happened with Nick, she began laughing loudly.

7. When she reached to the corner of the house the dog got up and followed her.

8. I noticed him to smile and asked what was funny about it.

9. He hated the idea going there immediately, when it was so early.

10. Jim said he had finished translating the text in 5 o'clock.

11. She wanted to obtain a better education, so she went to Paris to enter into the University.

12. Marie was determined that she will find work in a laboratory and continued her search.

13. The manager told to the young man that he would give him a chance to correct his mistake.

14. The professor was delighting with the results of our work and praised it greatly.

15. Marie became great friends with one of Lippman's student, named Pierre Curie.

16. I had not to share the room with Tom, I had a single room at the hotel.

17. He wanted to have his car repairing as soon as possible.

19. Nick which I have known for five years, is one of my closest friends.

19. Mr. Smith was respecting by all his students at the University.

20. I've lost my keys, can you help me to look after them?

Test 10

1. If there are any father problems, inform me about them.

2. In case of fire, please, leave the building as quickly as possibly.

3. Roger rang up the police station and informed they of what had happened.

4. Last summer I needed medical treatment while I was at holiday abroad.

5. We asked him if he knew that the match had been putting off.

6. His speech produced a strong impression on the guests, they all raised and left the room.

7. There was smoke rising from the chimney of one of the house.

8. Someones was watching them from behind a curtain at the window.

9. All I wanted was to ask if you could gave me something to read.

10. When I had a free moment I stood by the window and looked over the road and sometime I could see her.

11. When she was home from her boarding school I used to have seen her almost every day.

12. There were days when he let himself to have long walks in the suburbs of the city.

13. He couldn't make her to say anything more, so he had to leave her

14. She looked brave and beautifully and I couldn't help admiring her.

15. I know it's old-fashion to like classical music, but I do love it.

16. We often go visit our friends in Bristol, which is only 30 miles away.

17. Jack looks much nicer without his beard, which made him to look much older.

18. Yesterday we visited the city Museum, in which I'd never was before.

19. The part of town where I live is very noisy at night which makes it difficulty to sleep.

20. Tom didn't like the film but I thought it was interesting rather

Test 11

1. Jack doesn't speak French, his brother does not know this language too.

2. I told her I'd meet her on Sunday if I am not on a business trip.

3. He was bigger then I expected; broad and heavy, with large hands and feet.

4. "Can you tell to me the price of this watch?" asked the woman.

5. The some afternoon Kid got on a passenger train and came to London.

6. My reaction was one of neither pain or pleasure, I was searching for a key to where I had gone so wrong.

7. Tom followed Eileen on the theatrical pages and he was not surprising when he read she was leaving the cast of the play to take the leading part in a new performance.

8. If something like this happened when I was just starting, it would have been all right, it would have been even better than all right.

9. We sat in silence for a moment, I because I was too confusing to speak, Carol because theory, as far as she was concerned, was complete.

10. She started across the avenue, youthful, beautiful, looking as though she were setting out to conquest the city.

11. It annoyed her mother and she spoke up pretty sharply, "Laura has been attending that school of your for two years, you certainly ought to recognize her name."

12. Before his sudden and unexpecting disappearance from our lives, he had made this gift to the household.

13. She never talked very much, not even to me, but once on a while she did pop out with something that took you by surprise.

14. Tom had a curious feeling of guilt as he led the lamb-like Jim up three flights of cracked steps to the door of Apartment F, which was not thick enough to held inside it the odour of baking salmon.

15. Three times on the course of the dinner she dropped her fork on the plate with a terrible clatter and she was continually raising the water-glass to her lips.

16. The audience was polite enough and the reviews the next day were not bad, but a middle-age character woman who came on only in the second act received more attention than Eileen.

17. The fact that everything worked out as Charley said it would, made me to think more highly of his intelligence.

18. I never saw her, even by accident, and I didn't come across her name again in the theatrical news too.

19. I recognized there were still a painful and dangerous spot on my memory and I deliberately turned to other things.

20. When the knocking on the door awakened him, he lay still for a moment, thinking that whoever it was must have mistaken his room for someone else and would go away.

Test 12

1. She almost smiled as she reflected that there would certainly have been something to tell her mother when she wrote to her next morning.

2. He thought perhaps he ought not let her go alone, there were loose, bad people about.

3. How strangely and unfriendly seemed those hotel bedrooms - heavy and depressing, no photographs or coloured reproductions of the paintings.

4. She thought she heard the man to breathe but she couldn't be sure, in any case it gave her more air.

5. Now that Liza had made up her mind to see the thing through in this manner she felt little calmer.

6. I decided to swim to the ship again and get anything that I could possible find useful.

7. Don has travelling all over the world, he has even been to the Antarctic.

8. I'll probably see you tomorrow, but even if I don't, we're sure see each other before the week-end.

9. The thief was seeing as he was climbing over the wall.

10. I thought with pleasure how fruitfully that place was, and how lovely its situation was.

11. He was moved almost to tears, feeling from no reason that she had made a silent declaration of something important.

12. Now that he could go, he longed to stay; he felt strangely helplessly, his chest was shaken by the violence of his heart.

13. Sitting opposite each other by the fire they took drinks out of the bottle and Bowman thought it was good, it was justly as if he were drinking the fire off the hearth.

14. "There will be special reducing prices on all footwear during January", he found Clara repeating quietly.

15. As he reached to the road, where his car seemed to sit in the moonlight like a boat, his heart began to give off tremendous explosions like a rifle.

16. It wasn't very civilly of you to come here without being invited, I shan't stand it.

17. The conversation dropped, and the party sat silent for a minute, while Mary thought off all she could remember about the poet, which wasn't much.

18. Emma felt dreadfully puzzled, for Dan's remark seemed to have no meaning. "I don't understand anything", she said, so politely as she could.

19. It was difficult for Tom to continue the conversation; he was sick and tired from Margie's silly questions.

20. Sue was pleased; her children and her friends sat at the table, in the center of the crowding living room.

Test 13

1. You take care of Eppie for sixteen years, and it would be a great comfort to you, if you saw her well provided for.

2. He had not to repair his car himself, because he took it to a garage to have it fixed there.

3. Adam's mind was too much upset and he could hardly put the same thoughts on another way.

4. The fact that you are sorry now does not change what has been going on in sixteen years.

5. By this time my ears grew so accustomed to silence that I could hear the ticking of the clock inside.

6. It would be difficult to say who of the two men was more, deeper moved by that last speech of George's.

7. I thought my job was going to be really interesting but I am a bit disillusioning now.

8. If I had not to work tomorrow evening I should meet you by all means.

9. The expression in my eyes had made him think that I was a detective and he looked worriedly.

10. Though I have not been what a father should have been to you all these years, I wish to do all I can for you for the rest my life.

11. Six years ago I had the privilege of addressing the inhabitants of this city, which had gathered to do honour to the memory of their famous townsman, Joseph Priestley.

12. Neither he or his daughter attached importance to so trivial a circumstance, and in some days they didn't remember it at all.

13. I shall do nothing of the kind, you insult me by talking so nonsense.

14. The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it; "Join us !" they cried out when they saw Alice to enter the room.

15. He had taken his watch out of his pocket, and was looking at it uneasily, shaking it every now and then, and helding it to his ear.

16. None of this schools has a swimming pool; the nearest public pool is in the neighbouring town, Fleetwood, 5 km away.

17. Nine out of ten strangers coming to England in the first time will say it is parklike.

18. A recent attack of typhoid, from which he was thought to be recovered proved fatal.

19. He was pleased to hear that he would get his coat making in a week.

20. We work at the problem for months and I do not think we are likely to solve it soon.

Test 14

1. He drove through a heap of dead oak leaves, his wheels making a silvery melancholy whistle; no car had been along this way ahead him.

2. Instead of sing Mozart to the audience she spent long hours selling jazz sheet music and earned her reward, at last, on Christmas Eve, by being bored at the Williamsons' party.

3. Her sister was a very cheerful person; she had never passed an examination in her life, but there was, in an strange way, hardly anything she could not do.

4. The Hunts were very successful and they were fond to give parties several times a year.

5. He had always maintained an outward appearance of polite tolerance, he was too solid to be moved by anything such childish. 6. I was in two minds whether to run away; but anger got the upper hand, and I began instead to run a kicks on the door.

7. She was eager to share all she knew and felt, to teach the young love their language and literature.

8. The old man straightened his back, rose his chin; upright at last, he pulled down his waistcoat, settled his hat, and looked about him.

9. I shall be back at six, and I hope you will have a good sleep by that time.

10. There were many charity institutions in New York where he might receive lodging, but to his proud spirit the gifts of charity was undesirable.

11. Lingering, as if he were a schoolboy unwilling at the last moment to lie aside the book before entering the examination room he approached the study.

12. The big bronze lamp on the desk released it's steady flooding light over the tray of pens, which lay side by side, the inkstand, the leather spectacle case.

13. Between the words on the page, between the sentences, he saw the face to appear and reappear as between the spokes of a slowly revolving wheel.

14. This satisfied him and he felt, somehow surprised at his emotion, a deep homesick.

15. One could imagine that one was in Bavaria or Vienna, and that horse-drew sleighs, of which she read in travel guides, would glide gracefully down the hill.

16. I knew Salvatore first when he was a boy of fifteen with a pleasant face, a laughing mouth and a care-free eyes.

17. He wrote to her long letters in which he told her how constant he thought of her and how much he longed to be back.

18. He is unlikely to fully comprehend this sentence, for he does not know what these abbreviations stand on.

19. I remember waiting till it was darkly one winter's evening, so as to get to the pawn-shop unobserved.

20. It was a tiny bay with a white beach shining, shutting off by rocks from the rest of the coast. 

Test 15

1. The two Americans did not know the people they passed by their way to and from their room.

2. Ernest Hemingway early established himself as the master of

a new, tough and peculiarly American style of written.

3. The fable is intended to make the reader to appreciate hard work and disapprove of light-mindedness.

4. He was good for nothing, but you could not help to enjoy his company.

5. The canary from Palermo, a cloth spreading over his cage, was in the corridor that went into the compartment.

6. The part of town where I live is very noisy at night which makes it difficultly to sleep.

7. Tom didn't like the film but I thought it was interesting rather.

8. The two Americans did not know the people they passed by their way to and from their room.

9. Ernest Hemingway early established himself as the master of a new, tough and peculiarly American style of written.

10. The fable is intended to make the reader to appreciate hard work and disapprove of light mindedness.

11. My house is only a short walk from here, it is not worth of taking a taxi.

12. If there are any farther problems regarding this production line, let me know.

13. Dave, the youngest of the Bate children, is fairly bright, but far too interested in out-of-school activities.

14. I give you my word you will not believe me if I told you some of the things I know about them.

15. They had not to repair the car themselves, because they took it to a garage to have it fixed there.

16. She was aware of the fact that if she had wanted to go there she ought to do it before.

17. I have debated with myself for weeks and I have put it of, and today's the last day and I just have to talk to you.

18. She began to feel very uncomfortably, stuffy, but at the same time drowsy, and the floor was getting harder every minute.

19. In looking back upon her experience she always considered that that second expedition was the worse of all.

20. Muriel was under a pledge of secrecy, but she couldn't contain herself no longer, and on approaching the bed she whispered excitedly.

21. She felt as if she might have burst into tears next minute; if only they could see her, they would know her sincerity, her real need.

22. When that was did she lit the lamp; the whole room turned golden-yellow like some sort of flower, and the walls seemed to tremble with the rushing of the fire.

23. He had brought in a chair from the other room and sat astride it with his folding arms across the back.

24. At the table by the fire, sitting opposite each other in their arm chairs, Sonny and Bowman took drinks out the bottles.

25. He sank in fright onto the road, his bags falling about him, and felt as if all this happened before.

Test 16

1. It is something wrong with our telephone, we must have it repaired.

2.1 knew well that he was fond of travelling on a car.

3. Let they plant the flowers in front of the garden.

4. Dan which I have known for ten years, is one of my closest friends.

5. She said she couldn't understand how the accident happened.

6. Our bus has gone, we must wait the next one.

7. I know Ann to be fond for classical music too.

8. Do you still want to go on a trip or had you changed your mind?

9. He used to be a good tennis-player, but he doesn't play tennis no more.

10. Helen didn't like the play but I thought it was interesting rather.

11. Tom has not worked hardly at his English lately.

12. We don't plan any trip to the Caucasus this summer too.

13. The first week of his job was the worse of all.

14. Dan was a skilled interpreter and knew his job good.

15. She looked sadly and I asked what had happened.

16. He didn't agree to Nora and said she was wrong.

17. Many of my friends don't like Charles' pictures too.

18. Do you still want to go to the concert or had you changed your mind?

19. We used to be good friends, but we are not friends no more.

20. I didn't know when Ann had graduated the University and asked Sue about it.

Test 17

1. Dick has been ill lot in the past few years, hasn't he?

2. If they were free they would have joined us by all means.

3. When I ran up to the childrens they could hardly speak either.

4. Let they do whatever they want.

5. The postman which is nearly always on time was late that morning.

6. Jane went out the house to have a look at the children playing in the garden.

7. While he let the melody to grow he talked to Emma about the piano and its sounding.

8. I know that Tom use to know you a little in high school.

9. I didn't know then you were one of Charles's sister.

10. Look around you and you will see a lots of people as young as you are.

11. He wrote me the note saying he wanted to see me before I went to home.

12. They didn't have a maid and always opened the door themself.

13. Spencer was reading a medical magazines and there were pills and medicine all over the place.

14. He said he was going to write them in Monday, if he had time.

15. I don't think they will like these news, and what about you?

16. Ben became the more and more pleased with the sounds of the piano.

17. Would you like a cup of coffee before you will go either?

18. I afraided to come home and meet my parents, they might be very angry with me.

19. There was dark in the room and I couldn't turn on the light at once.

20. I could not sit there on the chair for the rest my life, so I decided to leave the room. (...)

Test 18

1. She teach the young to love their language and literature.

2. There are many schools worse than these one.

3. It is not easy to make the children to like books on arts.

4. She looked out the window of the taxicab at the wooden houses on Thirty-fifth street.

5. He was permitted to use one of the room for meeting with his friends.

6. I lost sight of another people and went on alone.

7. On entering the garden she couldn't help admire the flowers.

8. Mary could not wait for Ami no longer and she decided to go away.

9. The last day of the trip was the better of all.

10. He had changed since we came here, he doesn't do his work at all.

11. You are working hardly today, you may be tired.

12. Tom isn't playing these season, he wants to concentrate on his studies.13. I did not expect him to graduate the University with honours.

14. Tim was a skilled worker and knew his job good.

15. Don't be worry, he is sure to come in time and to explain what has happened.

16. I haven't smoked from September, for I want to give up this bad habit.

17. Fred has been ill lot in the past few years, hasn't he?

18. Silas Marner lived alone, working from morning to the night even on Sundays.

19. Ron used to study hardly, but now he is too lazy.

20. There could be another raise in the price of petrol soon.

Test 19

1. Your father has a rare gift, he is a talent musician.

2. Shooting is different from playing on the piano.

3. If he had wanted us to know it, he would tell us about it long ago.

4. I am proud with my sister, she can play tennis very well.

5. I wish he didn't sent this letter to me, I am angry with him now.

6. She knew everything about our plans because she had listened our conversation.

7. He said he couldn't understand how the accident happened to him.

8. Do you think they will be waiting for us when we'll arrive?

9. Mary's eye-sight is not very well, she has to wear glasses for reading.

10. Thank you for doing the washing up but you needn't have did it really.

11. I think we can expect they to come in time, don't you think so?

12. I asked if he had heard those news, but he answered he hadn't.

13. I wish I have an umbrella, it's raining heavily.

14. George was pleased to hear that he would get his car repairing in a week.

15. Various objections were risen but John stuck to the point.

16. The inspector smiled and said her mother, "It's not the little girl's fault".

17. I think we can expect a better results now.

18. The computer were turned on at this time every day.

19. All the children from the neighboured houses go home together at the end of the day.

20. You haven't started to do it now, do you?

Test 20

1. Even a small flat in London without a garden costs quite a lots to rent.

2. My grandmother's house seemed to me bigger than a park and as beautifully as a palace.

3. There are a great many books on the shelfs all around the walls of Mr. Priestley's study.

4. My stamp collection does not make me to think only of the past, when my mother started collecting it for me.

5. Henry works at his French very hardly, for he is going to France next month.

6. Yesterday Tom made a number of suggestions, most them were very helpful.

7. Mr. Carter, to whom I spoke on the phone last night, is very interesting in our plan and wants to know all the details of it.

8. When I arrived, there was a big red car parked in front the house.

9. The window broken in last night's storm has now been repairing.

10. When I entered the waiting-room there was nobody there except for a young men reading a magazine.

11. I had never expected to be offering the job by the firm and was really amazed when they invited me.

12. Ann is going to France in the next month; she has never been there before.

13. Tim went down to the beach and borrowed a boat at his friend.

14. Your music is more beautiful than the song of the nightingales that sings at night in our garden.

15. One day, when he was walking and playing his flute, he came up to an old woodsmen, sitting outside his cottage door.

16. When they came out school that afternoon, they stopped in amazement: this had never happened before.

17. I wondered what the farmer say to Dick but I was given no answer.

18. I know that your parents would be glad if you bring something to help the sick animals.

19. If he were a little older, he would told the headmaster yesterday why he had done it.

20. It was a warm September day; he took of his coat and started playing football.

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