​The Cheaters: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

​The Cheaters: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

About half of college students admit to cheating, which turns out to be great news - if you consider what they were probably doing in high school.

An astonishing 3 out of every 4 high school students do it on a test at least once in the past year according to the (1) _______ 4,500 students at 25 high schools.

A comparable percentage say they have (2) _______ in work written by someone else. Beyond those (3) _______ cheaters, nearly 1 in 4 students admits to comparatively minor infractions, like working with others when teachers wanted each student to work (4) _______ .

The teenagers are master rationalizes. Some say that sports and other activities (5) _______ with homework. They also claim that they cheated if the assignment seemed (6) _______ or boring. Many cited the pressure to get good grades. Indeed, to many of these kids high school seems like simply a tedious (7) _______ . Once in college, though, many students appear to start taking school more seriously, at least when classes seem (8) _______ to their goals. Students also (9) _______ famous cheaters as examples of what it takes to succeed. As one student wrote: “This world is full of cheaters because cheaters are the ones who most often get to the top. Cheaters do prosper!” In past surveys, names of politicians came up. Student put it this way: “If politicians can do it and (10) _______ with it, why can’t we?”

by Emily Sohn


1 interrogated investigated surveyed examined
2 turned aided involved handed
3 outright altogether immediate direct
4 merely only lonely alone
5 disturbed bothered interfered prevented
6 empty meaningless worthless invaluable
7 hurdle hurt hurtle hard
8 match fit suit relevant
9 copy cite recite chant
10 get down get through get away get on


1.C; 2.D; 3.A; 4.D; 5.C; 6.B; 7.A; 8.D; 9.B; 10.C

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