The Gate: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Level: A 2+

For a long time (1) _________ wondered why the gate to his garden was (2) _________ difficult to open. A friend of his said, “ The gate to your garden is so heavy that I (3) _________ use all my strength to open it. I cannot (4) _________ the reason. You are such a brilliant man. I am sure you could have invented something better.”

“The gate seems(5) _________ quite all right,” Edison answered with a smile. “In fact, it’s quite a brilliant invention.”

“You (6) _________, aren't you?”

“Not a bit. The gate (7) _________ with a pump. Everybody who comes in (8) _________ twenty liters of water out of the well.”

1 Edison's guests Edison guests Edisons guests Edison’ guests
2 so such such a more
3 must to have to has to could
4 understands understanding understand to understand
5 is be to be beeing
6 is joking jokes joke arc joking
7 is connected connects is connecting connected
8 is pumped pumps pump pumped

1.A; 2.A 3.B; 4.C; 5.C; 6.D; 7.A; 8.B

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