The Home Of The Future: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Level: B1

In the (0)         B         people could live in ``smart homes`` that will tell them when to wake up or remind them to (1)________ the front door. These homes will be equipped with electronic sensors connected to a computer that will (2)________ people to take their medicine or (3)________ off the oven. This computerized system, with about thirty sensors will be (4)________ to talk and negotiate with the tenant. It will also have the ability to (5)________ out if it is doing something that might be harmful. The (6)________ of the ``smart home`` is to allow the elderly to live independently in their own homes for as (7)________ as possible, instead of moving into nursing homes. The number of people living into their 80s is expected to increase dramatically in the (8)________ few decades. As a result, there will probably be a (9)________ demand for these homes, which will enable the elderly to (10)________ their independence and privacy. In addition to reminding them about things they may have forgotten to do, the system would contact a volunteer in (11)________ of illness or danger. At the (12)________ a bioengineer at Brunel University near London is working with several housing associations, communication companies and charities in order to make this (13)________ come a reality. Although he is planning to (14)________ up new homes and apartments with the system, he says that it would also be (15)________ to change existing homes, too.

0 distance future beginning end
1 fasten seal bolt lock
2 make reminisce remember remind
3 shut take turn cut
4 potential able probable capable
5 think sort work try
6 plan wish aim view
7 long far soon much
8 further later next near
9 grand tall great wide
10 keep assert claim win
11 time need case fact
12 moment present time Instance
13 Imagination fiction dream vision
14 set turn make put
15 likely suitable possible hopeful

1.D; 2.D; 3.C; 4.B; 5.C; 6.C; 7.A; 8.C; 9.C; 10.A; 11.C; 12.A; 13.C; 14.A; 15.C

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