​The Shrine in the Black Hills: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

It started as an idea to draw sightseers. In 1923, a historian Doane Robinson suggested (1)_________ some giant statues in (2)_________Black Hills (the USA). Robinson wanted his sculptures (3)_________the gateway to the west, where the Black Hills rise from the plains (4)_________a geographical prelude to the Rockies. It was the sculptor Gutzon Borglum who started realizing the idea.

Mount Rushmore, (5)_________in 1885 for (6)_________New York lawyer Charles E. Rushmore was chosen for the memorial. Its broad wall of granite faced the south­west to receive direct sunlight for (7)_________.

G. Borglum envisioned four US presidents who reflected a brief history of the country. The work was purely a national memorial and cost (8)_________1 million USD.

His monument to America was a group of four leaders who (9)_________the country from the colonial times into (10)_________century. (11)_________prominent position went to George Washington, the Commander of the Revolutionary Army and the first US president. To the far right was the 16th President Abraham Lincoln, (12)_________leadership restored the Union and ended slavery on the US soil. If Borglum had a hero of his own, it was the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt, who promoted the construction of (13)_________Panama Canal.

The masterpiece is (14)_________more than a tourist attraction; the work is purely a national memorial. (15)_________, as close to heaven as they could be, the words of the US leaders, their faces show what men they were. They will endure until the wind and the rain (16)_________them away.

1 carving carve to carve being carved
2 Southern Dakota’s South Dakota’s the South Dakota’s South’s Dakota’s
3 stand stands to stand will stand
4 like as such as similarly
5 naming was named names named
6 a the an
7 the most of the day the most of day most of the day most of day
8 near nearly nearer the nearly
9 was brought has brought bringing brought
10 the 20th the 20s 20th a 20th
11 Mostly Most The most More
12 who whom whose who’s
13 the an a
14 many far a lot of most
15 Carved hight Carving high Carved high Carved highly
16 wore will wear worn wear

1.A; 2.B; 3.C; 4.B; 5.D; 6.A; 7.C; 8.B; 9.D; 10.A; 11.C; 12.C; 13.A; 14.B; 15.C; 16.D

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