Twenty-Four Hour Ordeal: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Veteran outdoors-woman Amy Racina was on day 12 of a 17 (1) _________ solo trek through King's Canyon National Park, in California, when the hillside crumbled beneath her and she fell 60 feet (18 meters) into a ravine, breaking her hip and shattering (2) _________ legs in several places.
"I could not walk, crawl, or even stand up. I could not move my legs at all. I was 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the nearest trailhead. Only a handful of people (3) _________ in that area each season. I was not visible from the trail. I (4) _________ back for five more days, so there would not yet be any searchers. I was still alive, but the question was ... how could I stay that way? While (5) _________ out for help, I dragged myself with my hands down a ravine for three days and nights, until, miraculously, I (6) _________ by a distant hiker. Twenty-four hours later, I was flown to safety. The chances that I would get out of that ravine alive were very slim, but I never allowed myself to focus on the likelihood that I (7) _________ . And here I am, alive, happy, and able to hike and backpack once again."

1 the day day’s days day
2 eithe both neither all
3 hiked are hiking hikes hike
4 was not expected did not expect not expected am not expecting
5 called being called calling having been called
6 hearing was heard will be heard had heard
7 will die is dying would die had ided

The Oxford English Dictionary (8) _________ the neologism (new word)_______ "omnishambles"as its Word OfThe Year for 2012. The OED's blog (9) _________ this recent addition to the English vocabulary as "a situation that has been comprehensively (10) _________ , characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations". It is a noun and is used (11) _________ .The word is a combination of the prefix "omni," which means "in all ways" or "of all things," and "shambles," which means "a state of total disorder from every possible angle". The word was (12) _________ coined in 2009 in a BBC political comedy but (13) _________ to prominence earlier this year after it was used to attack the British government by at least eight politicians in the British Parliament.

8 chose has chosen chooses will choose
9 defining defines defined is defining
10 was mismanaged mismanaging mismanage mismanaged
11 informal informality informed informally
12 first the first once a first
13 rises roses rose rising

1.D; 2.B; 3.D; 4.B; 5.C; 6.B; 7.C; 8.B; 9.B; 10.D; 11.D; 12.A; 13.C

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