Woman of Courage: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Shortly after the American Revolution, the people of France had a revolution of their own. The French people rebelled (0) _________ their king and overthrew him. But some of the French people wanted the former king's family (1) _________ to rule the country. These people, (2) _________ came from the western part of France, fought for six years to bring (3) _________ a king. While this was going on, Napoleon Bonaparte, an army officer, replaced the king.

A young woman named Renee Bordereau was one of those who (4) _________ loyal to the king's family. At the start of the war, Renee was twenty-three years old. She saw her father (5) _________ by Napoleon soldiers. Renee decided to join the king's army.

(6) _________ of French revolution, women did not serve as soldiers in uniform. Renee Bordereau dressed as a man and entered the army. She fought in (7) _________ battles. No one had any idea that she was a woman. Renee was, always in the most dangerous part of the battle. She always led the attack and fought as well as or even bet­ter than any man. She (8) _________  her courage. The other soldiers con­sidered Bordereau (9) _________ a very brave man.

During the first days of the war, the armies loyal to the king were successful. (10)_________, Napoleon gathered his forces and began a series of attacks. The battles went on (11) _________ six years. Toward the end it was clear that Napoleon's armies (12) _________. Finally, the armies that were loyal to the king surrendered, but Renee Bordereau refused (13) _________ Napoleon offered a reward for Borderaus'a capture. At this time he (14) _________ did not know that this brave soldier was a woman. When Renee (15) _________ caught, people discovered that she was a woman. Napoleon did not care that his prisoner turned to be female. She was sent to jail for five years (16) _________ Napoleon feared that she might lead new revolution against him.

Napoleon continued to rule for nine more years. Toward the end of his rule, the armies of many countries joined forces (17) _________ Napoleon and sent him as a prisoner into exile. Not long after­ward, a new king was placed on the throne of France. Renee Bordereau was brought to the court, presented to the king, and honoured as a brave soldier.

0 for of against
1 return to return returning being returned
2 that which what who
3 back forward to again
4 was were had been being
5 to kill kill killing killed
6 For the time At a time In time From the time
7 two hundreds two-hundred's two hundred two hundredth
8 was admired for admired for admired was admiring with
9 being to be to being has been
10 Finally Furthermore In addition Meanwhile
11 during for in course meanwhile
12 will win would have won won would win
13 giving in giving up to give up gave in
14 also almost still at least
15 had been finally was finally finally was finally
16 though so that because of because
17 defeated defeat for defeating to defeat


0.C; 1.B; 2.D; 3.A; 4.B; 5.D; 6.C; 7.C; 8.A; 9.B; 10.D; 11.B; 12.D; 13.C; 14.C; 15.A; 16.D; 17.D

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