Додаткова сесія ЗНО 2021

Завантажити тест:


Listen to the speakers. For questions (1–6) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.

1. Which means of transport is the speaker going to take?


2. Which means of transport was Dr. Russell travelling by?


3. What present did the speaker get from her sister?



4. What should students be paid for?

A academic progress

B regular attendance

C good behavior


5. When will the man see the flat?

A in the evening on the same day

B in the morning on Saturday

C in the afternoon on Frida


6. What could tourists be fined for?

A having oversized plastic luggage

B having noisy wheeled luggage

C having banned stuff in their luggage



Listen to the text. For statements (7–11) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.You will listen to the text twice.

7. The original Apple logo was worked out by a famous artist.


8. Steve Jobs disapproved of the logo used on the Apple I.



9. Steve Jobs asked to design a logo with an apple.



10. A cherry was used as one of the logo versions.




11. Steve Jobs suggested using a colourful logo.





Listen to the text. For questions (1216) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.

12. Why did the speaker decide to save money?

Abecause he started earning less
Bbecause he got a task from his journal
Cbecause he wanted some new experience


13. Why did the speaker have to go over his budget?

AHe paid for the house repair service.
BHe ordered a takeaway to treat his guests.
CHe paid a bus fare when his bike broke down.


14. Which of the following did the speaker face?

Abeing criticised by his family
Bmissing his usual entertainment
Ctaking up an extra weekend jo


15. How did the speaker benefit from his new way of life?

AHe learned to bargain at a local shop.
BHe paid off all his debts to the bank.
CHe changed his eating habits.


16. What is TRUE of the speaker?

AHe was encouraged in social networks.
BHe celebrated the end of his experiment.
CHe wrote a book of tips on saving money.



Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (17–21). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

17. _________

18. _________

19. _________

20. _________

21. _________

Which advertisement is about ___________?

Aeating out
Ccookery courses
Fjob opportunities
Gpet care



Read the text below. For questions (2226) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


Would You Rather Travel with a Big Group of Friends or All by Yourself?

I don’t really have an excuse to travel alone any more, and I miss it. I miss the times when I’d check in for a flight and let my eyes wander around the waiting area at the gate, trying to guess who my seat-mate would be. I always hoped I'd make a friend, yet still asked for a window seat, so I could stare through the window instead of having an unwanted conversation if my neighbour turned out to be a bore. The best conversation always turns out to be the dialogue you have with yourself.

When you're alone, every moment is an opportunity for something exciting to happen. The first time I travelled alone, I flew to London and took the Eurostar to Paris, where I was studying abroad. It was a two-hour train ride, and when I woke up, it was suddenly snowing and everyone was speaking French. When I ran my belongings through security at the station, I unknowingly dropped my passport, only to have a stranger pick it up for me. The kindness of strangers shines through when you're freed from a set tribe of friends, marking you as one of their own. When you're alone, you belong to everyone.

There are other advantages of being a party of one. Like stopping to take a photograph without making anyone wait. Creating your own route as you fancy. Eating wherever and whatever you'd like without a debate. You can walk away any loneliness and realise that sometimes it’s nice to keep quiet and just observe. Who am I, undefined in this foreign environment? Maybe I’m a tourist. Maybe I’m a mysterious passer-by. Or maybe I’m just another person searching for connection. Just like everybody else.

The second time I flew solo, I went to Hong Kong and checked into a hostel. I spent the day wandering around the city. When I returned to my tiny hostel, I found its excited owner, a woman named Miss Kitty, waiting up to tell me with concern that my mother had called. I thanked her and went to my room. When I started to dial home, I realised that it was 3 a.m. back home, so I decided that a few more hours of worrying until a morning call wouldn’t kill my mother, and went to bed.

Surprisingly, travelling alone isn’t popular. Is it because we so badly need to stay connected, are afraid to be on our own and make our own decisions? Do we need other people to approve of everything we do? Personally, I won’t wait for anyone to tell me that it’s okay or that they want to go, too, or that they have a place for me to stay. I'll just go.

22. What does the author say about her travelling alone, according to PARAGRAPH 1?

AShe had to give up travelling solo.
BShe chose seat-mates when checking in.
CShe made a lot of friends aboard.
DShe had to get into unwanted conversations.

23. What happened to the author in Paris?

AShe had trouble with her documents.
BShe overslept and missed the station.
CShe was stopped by the security officers.
DShe had to face the language barrier.


24. What benefit of travelling alone is NOT mentioned in PARAGRAPH 3?

Ataking pictures when and where you like
Bchoosing places to have your meals at
Cbeing silent if you don’t feel like talking
Dbeing able to practise foreign languages


25. Why did the author decide to put off calling her mom till morning?

Abecause of her feeling tired
Bbecause of the time difference
Cbecause of the poor connection
Dbecause of the broken phone dial

26. What is TRUE of the author, according to the text?

AShe likes feeling connected.
BShe prefers travelling by plane.
CShe is an independent person.
DShe is a gastronomic tourist.




Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (27–32). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Top Bookshops


Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus is filled with books and... Tilly and Pip are two little rats who live under the floorboards in a glass cage, so you can watch them running around. There are also two chinchillas, three cats, two doves, two chickens, a lizard and a tarantula who goes by the name of Thomas Jefferson. And the bookshop door has a purple, child-sized door built into it, so children can let themselves in!


Books For Cooks

If you notice a smell when you enter Books For Cooks, don’t be alarmed. It’s the kitchen at the back, for testing the recipes in the books they sell. Books For Cooks has more than 8,000 food-related titles on topics such as nutrition, chemistry, sociology, history, art (even foodie fiction and biography) besides an outstanding selection of recipe books. The shop provides free wrapping.


GW Hurley

A stone’s throw from the seafront, GW Hurley stands in the middle of the high street, a glass-fronted building you simply cannot miss. The shop started life as a newsagent’s in the 1920s and has been in the same family ever since, expanding over time to sell books, toys and sportswear. The bookshop is modern and spacious. The shop has an excellent transport history section.



Stanfords is the world’s largest specialist travel bookshop. It was set up by Edward Stanford in 1853. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about it in Hound of the Baskervilles. After more than 100 years in its former home, the bookshop relocated to its current site just around the corner at 7 Mercer Walk, where customers can find the same selection of travel stock. Now, it welcomes thousands of prospective explorers who come to browse their huge collection of maps, globes and travel guides.


Dulwich Books

Light, airy and modern, with an active presence on Twitter and Facebook, Dulwich Books could be a model for the future of independent bookselling. Internet orders are handled by the “shop locally online” service, while friendly and knowledgeable staff are in store to offer the personal approach. Established 30 years ago, it regularly holds evening talks, signings and kids’ activities.


Kenilworth Books

This bookshop has a strong children’s section, with activity books, annuals and fiction titles selling particularly well. Hardback novels are popular with adults. Kenilworth Books has a large area devoted to fiction, cookbooks, travel guides, maps and books on local history. Every year the shop also arranges a number of cookery demonstrations. It also sells classical and jazz music.


Which of the shops ___________?

Awas mentioned in detective fiction
Bgives you a chance to save on packaging
Cused to be a place for travellers’ stay
Doffers a diverse event programme
Esold magazines and papers
Fhas a special colourful entrance for kids
Ggives you a chance to buy a pet
Horganises culinary shows



Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (33–38). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Polar Bears Listed as Threatened

Polar bears have been added to the list of threatened species (33) ___________. In his statement, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne noted (34) ___________ is the greatest threat to the bears.

Polar bears live in the Arctic and hunt seals and other fatty marine mammals from sea ice. They also travel, mate, and sometimes give birth on the ice. But sea ice is melting as the planet warms, (35) ___________ for several more decades. Because polar bears are influenced by this loss of habitat, they are likely to become endangered in the predictable future, Kempthorne said.

Although many scientists say (36) ___________ for the melting sea ice, the new polar bear protections will not change U.S. climate policy.

Scott Bergen, a landscape ecologist, noted (37) ___________ will depend on international cooperation. Permanent sea-ice habitat is likely to remain in areas outside of the U.S., particularly in Canada and Greenland.

Scientists view these areas as safe places (38) ___________ over the long term and repopulate the Arctic if temperatures decrease and sea ice returns.

Aand it is predicted to continue to do so
Bthat could allow some polar bear populations to survive
Cand will receive special protection under U.S. law
Dif they don’t take immediate actions
Ethat saving the polar bear
Fthat the decline of the Arctic sea ice
Gand helps to solve the problem
Hthat human activity is directly responsible




Read the texts below. For questions (3948) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Providing the Right Conditions

I think more teachers and students need to (39) ___________ a real connection to each other. School should be a space where we can meet eye to eye and understand where everyone (40) ___________. Growing up and life aren’t easy, no (41) ___________ what someone’s age, gender, or race is. More people need a crash course on being in someone else’s (42) ___________. Classes like this should be more widespread. We all (43) ___________ the chance to learn in a safe and supportive environment. We are not just a statistic. We are real people with real issues. We need teachers who care.


39. _________



40. _________

Acomes from
Bcomes off
Ccomes over
Dcomes up


41. _________



42. _________



43. _________


Incan Bridges

When the Spanish came to South America, they tried to build bridges. But they tried to construct the (44) ___________ of bridges they used in Europe. These bridges were made of stone. And they always (45) ___________ and broke. The Inca people were very (46) ___________ with stone. They knew that stone would not (47) ___________ for bridges like this. The river canyons were too large. So, the Incan engineers used another (48) ___________ they knew: they used grass, cloth fibres, and animal hair. Their rope bridges stretched more than 50 metres across large canyons. This was farther than any European stone bridge of that time.

44. _________

45. _________
Aturned down
Bput down
Cfell down
Dbrought down
46. _________
47. _________
48. _________


Read the texts below. For questions (4958) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Boy Invents a New Way to Protect Cattle

While most boys spent their days studying and playing, Richard Turere of Kenya tried to protect his father’s cows from lions. Richard (49) ___________ the lions “very annoying”. He tried (50) ___________ from fires to scarecrows. Yet, the lions would find a way around because “they are very clever,” he said. However, he noticed (51) ___________ effective way was when he would walk around with a flashlight. After taking apart his mother’s new radio, he made a machine that would flash a series of lights, tricking the lions into thinking someone (52) ___________ around with a flashlight. It worked, and soon there were seven other homes (53) ___________ his “lion lights”.


49. _________

Chave found
Dwas found


50. _________



51. _________

Aa much
Bthe most


52. _________

Awas walking
Bhas been walking
Care walking
Dhave been walking


53. _________



Crazy Barbershop in Tokyo

If you fancy (54) ___________ a new look with a difference this party season, head to Japan where one hairstylist is offering free cuts, providing he can do (55) ___________ he wants to your hair.

It’s a bold move but the barber in Tokyo is offering impressive makeovers for those daring enough (56) ___________ the cut.

“It’s the Christmas season and many of our customers say they want to cheer up their parties or make themselves (57) ___________ out from the crowd.”

While being (58) ___________ can be fun, it might not be so great if you get fired, as many companies in Japan have rules regulating certain hairstyles.


54. _________

Cto be getting
Dto get


55. _________



56. _________

Ahave taken
Cto take
Dbeing taken


57. _________

Cto stand


58. _________




You've got a letter from your English friend in which he/she writes that these days he/she is staying at home a lot and he/she has a chance to spend his/her free time on hobbies but he/she does not have any. Write a letter to your friend in which you tell him/her

  • what hobbies you have and why you have chosen them
  • what results you have achieved in these activities and how your parents support your efforts
  • give some pieces of advice on what hobby to choose and why

Write a letter of at least 150 words. Do not write your own name, any dates or other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.