Endurance Race

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Looking at the runners as they prepare to set off on a (1) _______ endurance race, you can’t help (2) _______ their stubborn toughness as they face the (3) _______ than promising weather conditions. The first (4) _______ drops of rain (5) _______ to fall. But the runners seem quite (6) _______ .
They set (7) _______ in pairs in a staggered start, equipped with a tent, sleeping bag and essential food supplies, plus a map and compass.
In the next 48 hours they will (8) _______ as they run over the steep hills and mountains around the valley. They must navigate the course, and report at a series of pre- (9) _______ check points before making it back to the starting point. It’s a tough sport for tough people.
In some events the fell runner has to run up and down a specified number of peaks that (10) _______of different heights in a given time. This kind of race first began in 1932 when Bob Graham ran up and down 42 peaks in the Lake District in a single day.
That record (11) _______ many times since then.
The current record of 77 peaks was set in 1997 by Mark Harfell. The women’s record of 62 peaks belongs to Anne Stentiford.

1 48 hour’s 48-th hour 48 hours 48 hour
2 but noticing notice to noticing noticing
3 Fewer less Least little
4 a little little Few a few
5 have already begun has already begun already began had already begun
6 are unperturbed not unperturbed unperturbed to unperturbed
7 down in For off
8 be timed be timing be time time
9 arrangement arranged arranging arrange
10 am have been Is are
11 was beaten has been beaten has been beating has beaten


1.D; 2.D; 3.B; 4.C; 5.A; 6.C; 7.D; 8A; 9.B; 10.D; 11.B