Matching Headings Test

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A The challenge of middle-age

B A record broken

C A priority: understanding oneself

D The earliest successes

E Unexpected success stories

F Childhood impressions

G Learning to accept danger

H Wanted: an almost impossible challenge

I A decision taken

0 I

Planning what to do for one's birthday becomes increasingly difficult as one gets older, but I know how I will celebrate on October 9th next year. I intend to row the 2,900 miles


Many people have tried to row across the Atlantic and quite a few have managed It. It is clear from accounts of survivors that it is an exhausting test of endurance. soldiers, sailors, housewives, Olympic reviewers: the triumphant emerge rom surprisingly varied quarters.


What is apparent, however, is that the main struggle takes place not in the muscles but in the mind. S0, before fussing over such preliminaries as finding a crew-mate and sponsorship to the tune of 5O,OOO dollars ,I realized that first I had to explore my own mind and try to answer the obvious question of why I wanted to do something that most people would find frightening and painful.


When we are young we can afford to dream; as we grow older the gap widens between what we would like to do and what we actually can do. We come to the realization that we either have to act now or dream on. After the age of forty, people respond to that realization in varying ways, and rowing across the Atlantic is one of them.


I have sailed, climbed, explored the Amazon and run marathons, but what I am looking for now is an endeavour that scares me and may not be within my capabilities. Such as racing across the Atlantic in a rowing boat.


Two Norwegian sailors we re the first to row the Atlantic

in 1896. They took 60 days and their achievement was unequalled until1966, when two soldiersJohn Ridgway and Chay Blyth, made It In 91 days.


It wasn't until the first Atlantic Rowing Race, in 1997, that New Zealanders Rob Hamill and Phil Subbs shot across to Barbados in an incredible 41 days. This was less than hall the time Ridgway and Blyth had taken.


As a schoolboy I had read about Blyth and Ridgway and about the innumerable hardships and setbacks they suffered. It was horrifying, and i concluded they were mad. Looking back at the book now, I see they thought so too. When people asked them why they had undertaken such a dangerous journey, they replied that every person had secret ambitions.

1.E; 2.C; 3.A; 4.H; 5.D; 6.B; 7.F