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Some Ways to Feel Fit and Fabulous

Level: B2


Lay on your stomach on the floor, holding in your tummy. Keeping your hips on the floor, raise your upper body with your arms until you’re on your elbows. “If back pain is muscular in origin this will be a helpful exercise,” says Dr John Cianca. “But if you’ve got a herniated disk or arthritis, it won’t help. If it hurts, you should stop.”


Trial results suggest that most insomniacs could benefit from acupuncture. Effects can last up to 18 months - and one patient regained her lost sense of smell, too.


A reason why eight out of ten diets fail is that they are too strict. Research at the Mayo Clinic suggests a five-point plan: eat breakfast every day; eat a variety of foods; limit daily intake of saturated fat, cholesterol and salt; cut back on sugar by using whole fruits rather than juices, and avoid sugary soft drinks and alcohol; and eat smaller portions.


Listening to a half-hour of soft jazz music caused levels of immunoglobulin A - our body’s first defense against respiratory and other infections - to rise 14 % in a study involving 66 students at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

(5)________ If you’re suffering from a tense neck or back, take a tennis ball and place it in a tube sock. Then stand with your back against a wall, place the ball between it and you, and move your back to lower the ball over the areas that hurt but are otherwise difficult to reach. “It can work as a self-massage,” says Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr Cianca.

A Diets are not the panacea
B Exercise with a skipping rope
C Listen to music to be serene
D Turn on the stereo to crank up your antibodies
E Pricking the skin with needles
F Holistic medicine is inexplicable
G Rubbing and rolling to relieve tension
H Bodily posture will relieve your pain

1.H; 2.E; 3.A; 4.D; 5.G