ЗНО основна сесія 2018

Завантажити тест:
Завантажити завантажений 205 разів


Listen to the speakers. For questions (1–6) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.

1. What have the friends finally agreed to do?


2. What is the weather forecast for Northern Ireland?

3. What was the main attraction for tourists in Rio de Janeiro in 2016?

4. What did Caylee do to draw attention to environmental issues?

A participated in a TV show about climate change

B prepared a project about deforestation

C attended the 02 Music Festival

5. What is TRUE about Greg?

A He knows very little about gardening.

B He came to fix some garden equipment.

C He enjoys spending time in the garden.

6. Why CAN’T the man get Internet access in his hotel room?

A He left the necessary cable at home.

B His computer doesn’t work properly.

C Wireless network is unavailable in his room.


Listen to the text. For statements (7–11) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.

7. Andy overslept but was on time for class.

A True

B False

8. Andy’s dog Chappi chewed his new backpack.

A True

B False

9. Andy’s headphones were not working.

A True

B False

10. Andy’s lunch was trouble-free.

A True

B False

11. Andy failed his grammar test.

A True

B False


Listen to the text. For questions (12–16) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.

12. What was one of the aims of Dr. Charles Simoniy’s space missions?

A to promote space tourism

B to attract Viewers to his website

C to raise money for youth science

13. Which of the following is TRUE according to the speaker?

A Space Adventures’ passengers are going to land on the moon.

B Space Adventures has already got dozens of potential clients.

C Space Adventures has to decide how many passengers will fly first.

14. How many people have seen the Moon from a close distance so far?

A 8

B 18

C 80

15. Why will the rockets be modified?

A to make the flights cheaper

B to make the interior cosier

C to do scientific research

16. What is the company going to do before they take tourists to the moon?

A to attract more potential clients

B to check the facilities for passengers

C to arrange training for space tourists


Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (17–21). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

17 ______________

18 ______________

19 ______________

20 ______________

21 ______________


Choose the right event according to the advertisement _______ .

A Light Festival

B Halloween Carnival

C Book Fair

D Aviation Day

E Sports Day

F Automobile Carnival

G Sports Lottery

H Harvest Festival


Read the text below. For questions (22–26) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Milton Glaser: His Heart was in the Right Place

Milton Glaser was in the back of a yellow taxi in Manhattan when he experienced the “eureka” moment. It was 1977 and the American graphic designer was asked to come up with a logo that would regenerate the fortunes of New York State. He pulled a red crayon from his pocket and began to sketch on the back of an envelope: first an “I”, then the simple outline of a heart, followed by two letters, “N” and “Y”.

That torn envelope is now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. “That little scrap of paper is probably worth as much as a small Picasso,” Glaser says with a smile. Just three letters and the symbol for love became the world’s most imitated logo.

Now 81, Glaser does not see a cent of the millions of dollars annually made on the back of his design. At the beginning, it wasn’t even copyrighted, because for the first 10 years the idea was to let everyone use it, so that it would spread and enter into the culture.

New York State’s department for economic development commissioned an advertising agency to build a campaign that would generate tourism. And that’s where Glaser came in.

As he developed the idea, Glaser decided to “stack” the characters, so that the “I” and the heart sat on top of the letters “NY”. Next, Glaser needed to choose a typeface for the letters. He went with American Typewriter. Using a symbol of a heart was a masterstroke. Today we represent how we feel using emoticons and this was the very beginning of the shorthand that we use on computers. Moreover, because of the success of this design, typographers have had to add a heart to every typeface.

Glaser believes that the logo works because of the tension between the emotive heart and the coolly geometric letters. But, he adds. “There’s another thing that happens, too. To understand the design, you have to translate it. First of all you have to figure out that the ‘I’ is a complete word, then you have to figure out that the heart is a symbol for an experience, then you have to figure out that ‘NY’ are the initials for a place. We know that the issue in all communication is moving the brain, and problems move the brain. This one makes everyone feel good because they have solved it.”

The upbeat message of Glaser’s design, which resembles the kind of joyful graffiti that a young lover might carve into a tree, appealed to New Yorkers as well as tourists.

22. Which of the following is stated in the text about Milton Glaser?

AHe was employed by the NY authorities.

BHe created the initial logo in minutes.

CHe made a fortune out of his design.

DHe was inspired by Pablo Picasso.

23. Why was Glaser’s logo NOT copyrighted?

AIn order to encourage people to use the logo.

BBecause copyrighting was time-consuming.

CBecause he was indifferent to copyrighting.

DIn order to reduce the cost of advertising.

24. What does the word “stack” in line 20 mean?





25. According to Milton Glaser, what makes the logo successful?

AIt involves working out a puzzle.

BIt is easy to translate into other languages.

CThe local authorities have supported it.

DThe logo combined different emoticons.

26. What is NOT TRUE about the logo according to the text?

AThe original version is exhibited to the public.

BIt has turned out to be a popular invention.

CIt took a decade to promote Glaser’s idea.

DThe logo has become New York’s coat of arms.


Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (27–32). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

27 ____________

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach is an 11 km stretch of sand and a fantastic playground for families. Bournemouth was the first beach to introduce the family-friendly Kidzone scheme, where your children wear a coloured wristband, which will help keep them within the coloured beach zones and make it easy to identify them if they wander off.

28 ____________

Ainsdale Beach

With a Blue-F lag award for its clean swimming waters, Ainsdale Beach is the ideal place for a relaxing family day out. The beach offers lots of activities to keep your children entertained, including fabulous sand dunes. Family activities at the beach include kite surfing and parakarting, and there are donkeys in the nearby village, which children love.

29 ____________

New Quay

New Quay, near Cardigan in Wales is a must-see if your family loves animals. You’re more likely to see dolphins in the wild here than in any other part of the UK. The Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre, based in New Quay, runs boat trips in the summer, so you can see for yourself the seals, birds, dolphins and porpoises that visit this beautiful coastline.

30 ____________

Three Shells Beach

This compact, sandy beach is very popular with families. Three Shells Beach is very clean, with lots of play equipment for children of all ages. There’s also an Adventure Island Theme Park nearby, stands and stalls, cafés and a picnic area so you and your family can make the best of your day at this beautiful beach.

31 ____________

Shell Beach

On the small island of Herm in the Channel Islands, you’ll discover the Shell Beach, named after the millions of tiny shells that make up its sand. It is a stunning, unspoilt beach that allows dogs all year round. At low tide, exciting rock pools are revealed, which provide hours of entertainment for young explorers.

32 ____________

Blackpool Sands

This family beach is one of Devon’s most popular attractions. There’s a safe swimming area for children, as well as sand pits, a bathing raft and kayaks for hire, so there’s no danger of boredom. Set in a sheltered bay and surrounded by evergreens and pines, it is a great place to relax.

Which of the beaches

A provides a boat rental service

B has received a prize

C offers a dance course

D is for visitors with pets

E has shopping facilities

F has a lifeguard team

G boasts rich fauna

H helps to find lost kids


Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (33–38). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

When Does Lightning Strike?

When there’s a storm, you can measure how far away it is by counting the number of seconds between the flash of lightning that streaks across the sky and the sound of rumbling thunder. Sound travels about one thousand feet in one second (33)______. You should multiply one thousand by the number of seconds you counted and you can determine (34)______ .

Lightning used to terrify prehistoric people because they didn’t know how to protect themselves from it. But by setting trees on fire it gave them fire long before they had discovered (35)______ . The people of ancient times used to believe that lightning was a sign of the gods’ anger sent to earth (36)______.

Humans later learned to protect themselves from these electric bolts from the sky (37)______ . Though lightning is a dangerous natural force that sets trees on fire and electrocutes people with massive electric shocks, there’s one thunderbolt that remains entirely pleasant: the thunderbolt (38)______.

A by installing lightning rods on their rooftops

B that hits us when we fall in love at first sight

C while lightning is visible practically instantly

D to discuss thunderstorm safety with all members

E how to produce it by rubbing firestones together

F to punish them or warn them to behave themselves

G how many feet are to the place where lightning struck

H while thunderstorms are associated with severe weather


Read the text below. For questions (39–48) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

50th Birthday of the LEGO Brick

The 50th birthday of the LEGO brick was in January 2008 and there was plenty to (39)_____ . Children all over the world have played with LEGO bricks for the past 50 years, and LEGO is still right at the (40)_____ of many wish lists - just as it always has been. Industry and trade associations also recognize the LEGO success. Just before the turn of the millennium the LEGO brick was voted “Toy of the Century”, one of the (41)_____ awards in the toy industry, by both Fortune Magazine in the US and the British Association of Toy Retailers.

The LEGO history began in 1932 in Denmark, when Ole Kirk Christansen (42)_____ a small factory for wooden toys in the unknown town of Billund in the south of the country. To find a name for his company he organized a (43)_____ among his employees. As fate would have it however, he himself came up with the best name: LEGO - a fusion of the Danish words “LEg” and “GOdt” (“play well”).

Barely 15 years later Christiansen discovered plastic (44)_____ the ideal material for toy production, and bought the first injection moulding machine in Denmark. His courage, input and investment paid off: in 1949 he developed the LEGO brick prototype, which continues to excite countless children and adults to this very day. Over the years he perfected the brick, which is (45)_____ the basis of the entire LEGO game and building system today. Production of LEGO bricks with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) began in 1963. This matt finish plastic is extremely hard, has a scratch and bite-resistant surface, and is ideal for (46)_____ the bricks connected.

There are 2,400 different LEGO brick shapes, which are produced with the greatest of precision and subjected to constant controls. Each injection mould is permitted a tolerance of no more than one thousandth of a millimetre, (47)_____ bricks of every colour and size stay (48)_____ connected, allowing LEGO fans to build entire cities from all kinds of LEGO elements.

39 tell celebrate keep delegate
40 top start contents title
41 dearest largest highest tallest
42 stayed founded made based
43 quiz game competition fight
44 like as such as for
45 until moreover still usual
46 making keeping putting staying
47 while in order until so that
48 definitely hardly firmly closely


Read the texts below. For questions (49–58) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Are Bats Really Blind?

The expression “blind (49)_____ a bat” is completely inaccurate because bats aren’t blind. They (50)_____ see reasonably well with their eyes (in laboratory tests they have been shown (51)_____ shapes and colours), and when it (52)_____ dark they navigate using a sophisticated sonar (53)_____ called echolocation.

49 how as as if such as
50 can may might must
51 distinguished distinguishing distinguish to distinguish
52 get will get gets getting
53 system systematic systematically systematize

A View from Space

The Great Wall of China isn’t visible from the moon with the naked eye. Space begins about sixty miles from Earth’s surface, which is (54)_____ close. The British astronomer Fred Hoyle (55)_____ to have remarked, “Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car (56)_____ go straight upwards.” From this short distance away, it is possible to pick out many man-made objects such as motorways, railways, cities, fields, and the Great Wall. However, you only have to travel (57)_____ few thousand miles away before all man-made objects (58)_____ from view.

54 surprisingly surprised surprise surprising
55 reported is reported reports had been reported
56 need must should could
57 the others the other others another
58 fade will fade fades would fade


59. You’ve received a letter from your English pen-friend in which he/she accepts your invitation to come and stay with you in Ukraine for a week. Write a letter to your pen-friend and say

➢when the best time to come is and why;

➢what tourist atractions there are in your area;

➢what activities he/she could enjoy during the visit.

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write your own name, any dates, addresses or other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.

1.A 2.A 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.C 7.A 8.B 9.A 10.B

11.B 12.A 13.C 14.B 15.B 16.B 17.C 18.H

19.E 20.A 21.F 33.C 34.G 35.E 36.F 37.A

38.B 39.B 40.A 41.C 42.B 43.C 44.B 45.C

46.B 47.D48.C 49.B 50.A 51.D 52.C 53.A

54.A 55.B 56.D 57.D 58.A