Some Ways to Better Health in Minutes

by Michele Meyer

It takes more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away - but not much more. Here are some habits that require only a few minutes each, but will keep you on the road to good health when you’ve got more desire than time.

( 1 )________
Make yourself feel more than six years younger simply by brushing and flossing every day, says Michael Roizen, M.D., an anesthesiologist and internist at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He says that the latest research shows a link between the bacteria pervasive in tooth decay and the bacteria found in artery clogging.

( 2 )________
Take in an art show, watch a film, or attend a concert this weekend. A nine-year study of 12,000 people in Sweden found that those who attended such cultural events were about 36 percent more likely to live longer than those who rarely did so.

( 3 )________
Pasteurizing apple juice kills bacteria. Also, just one teaspoon of cinnamon mixed into a 64- ounce bottle of unpasteurized apple juice kills 99% of the E. coli bacteria.It is also discovered that adding 3 teaspoons of cloves to every quarter pound of hamburger had the same effect. That’s much more clove than most of us want, but adding cinnamon, garlic, and oregano helps too.

( 4 )________
Exercising your brain may slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study of 193 Alzheimer’s patients and 358 healthy people, mostly in their early 70s, showed that those who were mentally active from ages 40 to 60 were three times less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease.

( 5 )________
Just leaning back, closing your eyes, and relaxing for a few minutes will help you make clearer decisions and be able to attend to detail. If you are really dragging, nap. It’s amazing how you’ll be revived for the rest of the day - and you’ll be in a better mood.

Source: Bette Homes and Gardens, January, 2001.

A Spice up the battle against food-borne bacteria

B Drowsing will recharge your batteries

C Don’t neglect this magic thread

D Challenge your minds to thwart affliction

E Sharpen your mind to reduce strain

F Eat more herbs to fend off bacteria

G Gargle your mouth cavity and live longer

H Savour yourself to extend your life

1.C; 2.H; 3.A; 4.D; 5.B