ЗНО основна сесія 2021

Завантажити тест:


Listen to the speakers. For questions (1–6) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to each recording twice.

1. What does the speaker like drawing most?


2. What sport does the speaker do?



3. Which sandwich will the hotel guest be served?




4. What does the speaker complain about?

Ahaving too much homework
Bhaving lots of extracurriculars
Chaving little time for sport






5. What is the speaker’s occupation?

Aa pianist
Ba researcher
Ca teacher





6. What is Marilyn’s main argument in favour of renting a flat in the city centre?

Athe space for parking
Bthe facilities for shopping
Cthe cost of travel





Listen to the text. For statements (7–11) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.

7. In Britain loud fireworks shows are not allowed next to dwellings.

A True

B False


8. Quiet fireworks displays lack colours compared to traditional shows.

A True

B False


9. Quiet fireworks were created for mass celebrations.

A True

B False


10. Dogs often get lost after big loud fireworks shows.

A True

B False


11. People can enjoy sparkling sky shows in complete silence.

A True

B False




Listen to the text. For questions (12–16) choose the correct answer (A, B or C). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. You will listen to the text twice.


12. What is said about Carla’s first clothes design experience?


AShe designed clothes for a school event.
BHer clothes made her popular at school.
CHer clothes frightened off her friends.


13. What influenced Carla’s desire to become a designer?

Athe contrast in Mexican people’s styles of clothing
Bthe success of the American fashion industry
Cthe opportunities for fashion business in Mexico City


14. Why did Carla study in her native country?

AShe could not give up dressmaking in Mexico.
BShe could not afford to study in London.
CShe could not decide on the course abroad.

15. What fashion tendency does Carla like?

APeople pay more attention to their clothing.
BPeople prefer wearing practical clothes.
CPeople choose clothes with broad shoulders.





16. What makes a successful fashion designer, according to Carla?

Aa good education
Ba genuine talent
Ca professional team




Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (17–21). There are three choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

17. _________


18. _________

19. _________

20. _________

21. _________


Which advertisement is about __________?

Aa job vacancy
Dan online show
Fa telecom provider
Ha rental company



Read the text below. For questions (22–26) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Remarkable Survival

On Christmas Eve, 1971, just a few hours after attending her high school, 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke, got on a flight from Lima, Peru, to Pucallpa. She was heading out to join her father, Hans-Wilhelm, a famous German zoologist, who was working at a remote research station in the rainforest.

Approximately 30 minutes into the flight, the plane flew into a storm with thunder and lightning. The right wing motor was hit by lightning and the aircraft broke apart in the air. Still strapped to her seat, Juliane was ejected from the aircraft and fell approximately 2 miles into the dense Peruvian rainforest. She was lying on the ground, dressed in only a sleeveless mini-dress and was missing one of her sandals and her glasses. It took Juliane half the day just to be able to stand, but eventually she managed it and set out to find help. During her search, she found a bag of candy, and more significantly, a stream. Her father had once given her advice that if she were ever lost in the rainforest and came across a stream or river, she should follow it downstream because people tend to live on or near water.

Juliane then set off. She walked as much as possible in the river as it was an easier way to go, rather than through the dense jungle. On the tenth day she came across a boat, which at first she thought was a mirage until she finally came up to it and touched it. Next to the boat was a path, which she could hardly crawl up. At the end of the path was a small hut, where Juliane found an outboard motor and some diesel fuel in a barrel. She tried to sleep in the hut, but found the ground to be much too hard, so she went back down to the riverside and lay down in the sand.

The next day, Juliane woke up and, hearing frogs all around her, tried to catch some to eat. Luckily for her she was unable to as they were poisonous dart frogs. She soon heard voices. Three people came out of the forest and spotted her. At first they thought she was a “Yemanjá”, a blond, pale-skinned water spirit. When they saw her, they were pretty frightened. However, she explained what had happened and how she had got there, and they had heard of the plane crash, so accepted her story. They then fed her and cared for her wounds as best as they could and took her downstream to a village. A local pilot knew of some missionaries nearby running a hospital in Pucallpa, where she got after a 15-minute fearful flight and where the day after Juliane’s rescue she was reunited with her father.

Juliane moved to Germany, where she fully recovered from her injuries. Like her parents, she studied biology at university. She went to Peru in the early eighties to study the area’s native bats. In 1998, she returned to the site of the crash for the documentary Wings of Hope about her incredible story that was made for German television by Werner Herzog. This trip inspired her to tell a tale of her remarkable survival in the book called When I Fell From the Sky, for which she received the Corine Literature Prize in 2011. Koepcke’s experience is also the subject of a feature-length fictional film.

22. Which of the following is TRUE of Juliane, according to PARAGRAPH 1?

AJuliane wanted to be a zoologist after graduation.
BJuliane’s father was a well-known scientist.
CJuliane was going to spend Christmas in Germany.
DJuliane’s parents put her on the plane in Lima.


23. How did Juliane’s father help her to survive in the rainforest?

AHe taught her how to find the way in the jungle.
BHe told her about poisonous frogs.
CHe showed her how to treat various wounds.
DHe trained her to use a motorboat.


24. Why did Juliane decide to spend the night by the riverside?

AShe wasn’t strong enough to walk up the path.
BShe was afraid of meeting the house owners.
CShe couldn’t sleep comfortably in the house.
DShe wanted to wait for people near the boat.


25. What did the three people think when they met Juliane?

AShe was going to steal their boat.
BShe was lying about the plane crash.
CShe was a supernatural creature.
DShe was able to travel on her own.


26. Which of the following is stated in the text about Juliane’s life after the crash?

AShe graduated from a Peruvian university.
BShe directed a documentary about her survival.
CShe played herself in a German fictional film.
DShe got an award for her autobiographical story.




Read the texts below. Match choices (A–H) to (27–32). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Six of the Best Facebook Apps for Teens

Try these Facebook apps for friendship, fun and more


My Music

Have you ever wanted to share your entire iTunes library with your Facebook friends? Tagshine’s My Music application lets you do just that, and shows your Facebook friends what songs you've listened to most recently and what playlists you’ve created. This app also lets you watch music videos for more than 6 million songs and create a personal library of artists you like.



Birthday Cards

The Birthday Cards application by RockYou! has tons of free features that help you stay in touch with friends and remember their birthdays. You can design custom greeting cards for any of your friends on Facebook, or you can team up with your friends to design cards. The application sends you a reminder when a friend’s birthday is coming up and lets you build a calendar of friends’ birthdays and other special events such as parties and holiday events.



Circle of Friends

Maybe your summer camp friends in Canada are distant cousins of your best friend from school. Perhaps your stepbrother is a friend with your friend’s sister. Bantr’s Circle of Friends app helps you find out how your friends are connected — and may surprise you!




Everybody needs a break every now and then. Scramble’s a great way to take one. This word game by Zynga sharpens your mind by challenging you to find words in a jumbled grid, sort of like the board game Boggle. You can invite your friends to play it with you online, too!



Sea Garden

There are several fun Facebook apps that raise money for environmental causes each time you use them. Sea Garden is one of them. With this app, you build a little reef of sea creatures and ocean plants and send goodies such as squid, fish and octopuses to your friends. Each time you send a sea creature to a friend, the company that designed the app donates money to groups such as the Surfrider Foundation, a charity that works to protect oceans and beaches worldwide.



Advanced Wall

Take your Facebook wall to a new level with Advanced Wall by idleStudios. This effective Facebook app lets you post images, videos and flash, as well as make art, write graffiti and monkey with the colour and size of text using a simple editing feature.


With this Facebook application you can __________.

Arecord your own song
Bupgrade the existing application
Cshare your plans with the friends
Dlet others access your favourites
Econtribute to saving nature
Fcreate something collectively
Gdiscover unexpected ties of your fellows
Henjoy yourself training your brain


Read the text below. Choose from (A–H) the one which best fits each space (33–38). There are two choices you do not need to use. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.

Global Protesters Demand Renewable Energy by 2050

Last Sunday more than 70,000 people travelled from all over the UK to take part in a massive demonstration in London, demanding that Prime Minister and the other delegates (33) __________, come back with a positive, strong deal.

Members of different environmental organisations and various individual activists travelled to London (34) __________. Protesters wore costumes, such as polar bear and giraffe outfits, (35) __________, and everyone carried a placard to make sure they were seen and heard by Westminster.

This didn’t just happen in London; it was the Largest Climate Mobilisation in History. The global demonstration consisted of 2,300 other events (36) __________. In total, over 785,000 people (37) __________. Their demands were unanimous: world leaders must give a promise (38) __________ and make a 100% transition to renewable energy by 2050.

Afinding out whether our demands will be met
Bto come together and make their voices heard
Cthat took place simultaneously in 175 countries
Dthat walked to the government building in Westminster
Etravelling to the Paris Climate Change Conference this week
Fmobilised from different countries and cultures
Gto keep all fossil fuels in the ground
Hplayed instruments or spun discs





Read the texts below. For question (39–48) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


Unexpected Meeting

I was looking out of the airport window, thinking of a farewell with my friend at the camp gates. We had promised to (39) __________ again, already knowing that it would be unlikely. As I waited to (40) __________ the plane, I heard the announcement that my (41) __________ was being delayed by an hour. My heart was heavy; I was already (42) __________ my friend. As I sat in melancholia, a figure appeared before my eyes — it was my friend with whom I had parted (43) __________.


# A B C D
39. meet see look go
40. seat sit board land
41. voyage trip tour flight
42. lacking missing boring departing
43. earlier then later sooner


Tallest Lego Tower

Hungary has (44) __________ to set a new world record by building the highest Lego tower ever. With several school children taking (45) __________, construction of the 36-metre Lego tower began on Wednesday. The aim was (46) __________ the current US record of 34.43 metres.

Officials from the Guinness World Record company arrived in Budapest on Saturday to verify the record.

The Mayor of the city’s fifth district hoped the record would (47) __________ Budapest to the world. “This modern obelisk shows how we call (48) __________ to the fact that this is one of the most beautiful squares in Budapest.”



# A B C D
44. coped succeeded established managed
45. part place role time
46. to set to hold to break to reach
47. support promote encourage take
48. acknowledgment consideration attention highlight



Read the texts below. For questions (49–58) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet.


Why Do We Sleep?

So why do we sleep? This is a question that (49) __________ scientists for centuries and the answer is, no one (50) __________ really sure. Some believe that sleep gives the body a chance (51) __________ from the day’s activities but in reality, the amount of energy saved by sleeping for even eight hours is minimal, the same amount of energy in a piece of toast.

We (52) __________ to sleep because it is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills like speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking. In (53) __________ words, sleep plays a significant role in brain development.

# A B C D
49. puzzles has puzzled puzzled had puzzled
50. isn't are aren't is
51. to recover recovering recover recovers
52. can should ought must
53. another the other others other


Internet Sensation

In the Philippines two-year-old Zee-shee Garcia has become an Internet sensation. On Facebook, a single post of her (54) __________ a cheerleading routine has received more than 29,000 views and 433 shares.

The young (55) __________ parents said they started teaching her how to balance before she (56) __________ one, and were surprised at how easily she followed instructions. “The way we train her is to make it seem like playing. She listens, she (57) __________, and she really enjoys it. If she (58) __________ it, we wouldn't do it, and she wouldn't be able to perform those stunts.”


# A B C D
54. performing performance performed performer
55. cheerleader cheerleaders cheerleader's cheerleaders'
56. has turned turns was turned turned
57. is amusing is amused has amused amuses
58. wouldn't enjoy won't enjoy doesn't enjoy didn't enjoy




You have got a letter from your English friend in which he/she writes about his/her achievements in Chemistry. Write a letter to your friend in which you tell him/her

  • what your favourite subjects were at school and what your teachers did to make the lessons interesting
  • how the knowledge of those subjects may influence your future career and why
  • give some pieces of advice on how to arrange your timetable to be good at studies

Write a letter of at least 150 words. Do not write your own name, any dates or other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.



correct answers in the first column