I must apologize for… Please accept my sincerest apologies for…
All animals must rest, but do they really sleep as we know it?
Clouds are made of water droplets. But what causes these droplets to rain, snow, or hail down on us?
I am writing to complain about/regarding/on account of/because of/on the subject of...


Dativ + –n for all plural nouns except for nouns with–en or –s,
Der Herbst beginnt im September und dauert bis Dezember. Die schönen und warmen Tage des Sommers sind vorbei.
müssen (must, to have to) - быть вынужденным können (to be able to) - мочь, уметь dürfen (to be allowed) - иметь право, сметь.
1. Deine Freundin aus Deutschland nimmt an Schüleraustausch-Programm teil. Sie hat jetzt ein Mädchen aus England.

ESL Teaching

1. Imagine that you can travel in the past. Who do you want to meet (Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra etc.)? Why? Where would you meet?
It is your grandma’s birthday. You want to surprise her and make the unusual party. What meals are there on the table? What sweets are there for dessert?
Children colour the pictures at home. It`s my favourite toy shop. Follow me. There is… / There are... + on, in, under, near...
It is a great day today. It is sunny and warm. It isn’t cold. It isn’t windy. It isn’t hot. We are walking. We are walking _____ (across) the road.

Just kid`in

A day without radiation is a day without sunshine.День без радіації - це день без сонячного проміння. radiation - /ˌreɪ.diˈeɪ.
As Henry VIII said to each of his wives, “I shan’t keep you long.”Як Генріх VIII сказав кожній зі своїх дружин: "Я не затримаю тебе надовго".
My wife and I always hold hands. If I let go, she goes shopping.Моя дружина і я завжди тримаємось за руки. Якщо я відпущу, вона йде в магазин.
Skydivers: good to the last drop. Парашутисти: добре до останнього стрибка skydivers - /ˈskaɪˌdaɪ.


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