Writing Tips

Informal, semi-formal letters of giving good or bad news. Formal letters of delivering good or bad news.Детальніше
Letters/e-mails asking for advice can be: formal - sent to an official person; informal - sent to a friend; semi-formal - sent to an advice column in a magazine depending on the situation. Details of the problem should be mentioned.Детальніше
Opening remarks Thank you for your letter requesting ... I am writing in reply to your letter asking for advice about ... I hope the following advice will be of some help to you ... I was sorry to hear about your problem ...Детальніше
Greeting or Salutation Formal 1. First names are NOT used, surnames or names and surnames are used 2. Miss or Mrs are NOT used if you don’t know whether she’s married or not Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr/Ms Smith, Dear Dr Smith...Детальніше
I am writing to complain about/regarding/on account of/because of/on the subject of... I am writing to draw your attention to... I am writing in connection with… I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with...Детальніше
Greeting a recipient Dear Mr / Ms (surname),  Dear Sir / Madam / Sir or Madam, Opening remarks I would like to apply for admission to the beginning of… I would like to be considered for… I am writing to apДетальніше
Letters of invitation can be formal or informal depending on the situation and who we are writing to. They usually contain some additional information, for example: latest news, description of the event (party, wedding, anniversary, house- warming.prom,etc.Детальніше
Letter Sample You have been invited to attend an interview for a job vacancy. Unfortunately because of a previous appointment you cannot come at the time they wish. Write a letter to the person-in-charge and explain your position.Детальніше
Letters of accepting invitation are written in reply to invitations either in formal or informal style. It depends on an event you are invited toand recipient-sender relations.Детальніше
Letter of complaint is normally written in a formal style. Letters should start with an appropriate greeting (e.g. Dear Sir, Dear Brown, etc).Детальніше
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