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The idea of this blog is to share my 30-year experience of teaching foreign languages with anyone who cares.

There are several rubrics ranging from step by step teaching beginners to a plethora of grammar and vocabulary multiple-choice tests for advanced students preparing for the Ukrainian External Independent Evaluating Test.

One of the focuses is to practise confusing vocabulary, based on doing dual-choice tests, which will enable students to grip the meaning of the words from real context and eliminate a number of mistakes in a genuine test.

​ABC Race
Bring a set of ABC letters to be glued down onto the poster.  Put the set in the centre of the table. Or each child may have a separate set of ABC letters. Say any word known to children and ask children to find the first letter of this word and glue it down onto the poster in an approximate alphabetic order.  The one who has the best glued letters in a correct alphabetic order is a winner. If it is difficult let the kids glue letters down at random.Детальніше
​Money: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
Money is used for buying or selling goods, for measuring value and for (1) _______ wealth. Almost every society now has a money economy based on coins and paper (2) _______ of one kind or another. However, this has not always been true. In primitive societies a system of barter was used. Barter was a system of direct exchange of (3) _______ . Somebody could exchange a sheep, for example, for anything in the marketplace that they considered to be of equal (4) _______.Детальніше
Eat Your Breakfast: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
Not having breakfast is only too easy, especially if you’re always in a (0) _______ first thing in the morning. Although it may not seem (1) _______ at the time, you aren’t doing yourself any (2) _______ if you don’t eat breakfast. The (3) _______ purpose of National Breakfast Week is to (4) _______ you of the importance of eating a proper breakfast. By the time you (5) _______ in the morning you probably won’t have eaten (6) _______ for up to 12 hours.Детальніше
1. Everything was in good order _______ the magazines scattered on the floor. 2. People living _______ railway stations have to put up with a lot of noise. 3. My house seems small _______ my neighbors’. 4. My mother has many good qualities _______ being very hospitable. 5. No one knows of these fears _______ my psychologist. 6. The tenants in the apartment _______ us have been dancing all night. 7. _______ milk and cheese, we need some flour and eggs for baking this cake.Детальніше
Do vs Make. Part 2
Difference between do and make Put in the correct form of make or do: Videos about how to _______ a fortune on the Internet seems to be popular. I prefer to _______ business with them on a cash basis. The company _______ fashionable footwear. We want to _______a good profit on our house when you have sold it. I _______ no predictions in my article. Anybody can _______ mistakes. Why do not you try to _______your job with more enthusiasm.Детальніше
​Underground Music: Multiple Choice Grammar Test
Waiting for the Metro in Paris is a lot more pleasant nowadays, thanks to a project orchestrated by transit officials. As Jim Bittermann reports, it brings a whole new concept to the term «underground music». It may be rush hour in the Paris underground, but these days down here there are good reasons to slow down a little when commuting is more than just getting from A to B, when the transit can be too rapid.Детальніше
​How Television has Changed: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
You really have to get very old before you realize you’re old. I’m in my middle fifties and I don’t feel old yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and (1) ________ things to the way life is for (2) ________ kids. Some things have certainly changed. One area of change is television. Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the other hand, have been (3) ________.Детальніше
It was a three-block walk from the bus to the nursery school where Juanita had (1) _______ her little daughter this morning on her way to work. Juanita hurried, knowing she was late. The little girl ran toward her as she (2) _______ the small playroom in the basement of a private house.Детальніше
Do vs Make. Part 1
do is for physical or mental work, household chores, jobs, tasks and replacing a verb  make is for producing, constructing, creating or building something new If you _______ your best, you will reassure your parents. You have _______ a perfect choice having bought this flash drive. The company has _______ an appealing offer to me. Does it _______ any difference what to put on tonight We must take our pet into account when we _______ a trip.Детальніше
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