Confusing Vocabulary

The correct answers are deliberately typed in bold for teachers to look through and estimate whether they need this vocabulary to be practiced or not. If you need it, print out both versions for yourself and students after changing bold type into regular.

break - destroy brake - make slower or a device to make slower Fill in break or brake: The repairman _______ up the old cars for their parts. Be careful the ice might _______ . When the storm _______ , run for the house. He slams on the _______ so as not to collide with the van. He heard tires squeal as the car _______ suddenly. You can take the financial _______ off in June. Answers: The repairman breaks up the old cars for their parts.Подробнее
A great deal of + uncountable singular noun or no noun. A great number of + countable plural noun. Fill in a great deal or a great number: _______ of discipline is involved in running business involves _______ of whine is made in Italy. _______ of trees are being felled to provide space for parking. An electric vehicle costs _______ of money. It sounds eloquent if you have _______ of English idioms at command.Подробнее
most 1. most = very (mainly with adjectives of two or more syllables) You are most generous. = You are very generous. It is most annoying. 2. possessive noun or pronoun + most It is my most favorite book. 3. the majority of a group or things Most students are lazy the most 1. superlative adjectives with two or more syllabuses My friend is the most sincere person. 2.Подробнее
Word Confusion: Other - The other - Others - The others - Another
Fill other, the other, others, the others, another in the gaps: 1. Let us have _______ attempt. 2. He is looking in _______ direction. 3. In a corner formed by two houses, of which one advanced more than_______ , she seated herself down. 4. I am staying _______ year with you. 5. There is _______ alternative than to do nothing. 6. The only animals _______ than man that have colour vision are monkeys and apes. 7.Подробнее
Shade - an area of darkness where it is cool, colour. Shadow - a dark shape on a surface. Shed - a small building for storing things, to get rid of smith, to cry. Examples 1. An oak tree casts its monstrous shadow over a tiny round pool. 2. I shut the garden shed door and wedged it with a log of wood. 3. She sat in the shade under the willow tree. 4. She has always lived in the shadow of her talented sister. 5.Подробнее
1. The swimming pool charges an annual membership fee. 2. The building company arranges a remortgage for a fee of £200. 3. Some people unfortunately canbarely afford the railway fare. 4. Buses charged a slightly higher fare of about 50 pence per mile. 5. You can get to the other side of the river over by ferry boat. 6. Ferry services operate between the islands and the mainland. 7. Consumers will pay if they feel the price is fair. 8.Подробнее
Word Confusion: Excursion - Journey - Tour - Trip - Travel - Voyage
Excursion - a short journey for pleasure or enjoyment. Journey - travel from one place to another. Tour - a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited. Travel - is the activity of travelling. Trip - a short journey that you make to a particular place. Voyage - a long journey on a ship or in a spacecraft. Examples We were all suffering from fatigue at the end of our tiring journey, lasting a week. We went on a day trip to the seashore.Подробнее
Word Confusion: Way - Road - Route - Path
1. The mapped route we followed happened to be full of the most picturesque sights we had ever seen. 2. None of us thought the pipeline route would be laid across the hilly terrain. 3. I would not have lost my way, if I had had the GPS. 4. There has recently been a road accidents in this highway. 5. The path was so narrow that we had to walk in Indian file. 6. On the way home it started snowing heavily. 7.Подробнее
Word Confusion: Sense  Feeling
1. But for his sense of duty he would not have taken such a decision. 2. She had a tickling feeling in her throat 3. Employees get a real sense of satisfaction from helping customers. 4. I can't convey my feelings in words. 5. Everybody adores her because of her sense of humour. 6. The feeling of missing someone is just like turning the ice cold water you have drunk into tears. Подробнее
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