Confusing Vocabulary

The correct answers are deliberately typed in bold for teachers to look through and estimate whether they need this vocabulary to be practiced or not. If you need it, print out both versions for yourself and students after changing bold type into regular.

whether = if but: whether + to infinitive: I do not know weather to go to study abroad or no. whether + or not: Tell me whether or not you are going to come. preposition + whether: I do not care about whether your relatives will come. Fill in if/whether or whether: 1. I never bother about _______ others are happy or not. 2. The members of the sport club disputed for hours about _______ to build a new stadium. 3.Детальніше
1. Everything was in good order _______ the magazines scattered on the floor. 2. People living _______ railway stations have to put up with a lot of noise. 3. My house seems small _______ my neighbors’. 4. My mother has many good qualities _______ being very hospitable. 5. No one knows of these fears _______ my psychologist. 6. The tenants in the apartment _______ us have been dancing all night. 7. _______ milk and cheese, we need some flour and eggs for baking this cake.Детальніше
Difference between do and make Put in the correct form of make or do: Videos about how to _______ a fortune on the Internet seems to be popular. I prefer to _______ business with them on a cash basis. The company _______ fashionable footwear. We want to _______a good profit on our house when you have sold it. I _______ no predictions in my article. Anybody can _______ mistakes. Why do not you try to _______your job with more enthusiasm.Детальніше
do is for physical or mental work, household chores, jobs, tasks and replacing a verb  make is for producing, constructing, creating or building something new If you _______ your best, you will reassure your parents. You have _______ a perfect choice having bought this flash drive. The company has _______ an appealing offer to me. Does it _______ any difference what to put on tonight We must take our pet into account when we _______ a trip.Детальніше
area - a particular part of a place, piece of land or country, a field of some activity. district - a part of a country or town, often with special qualities: the financial district. region - a arger than a district, a part of a country or the world: a desert region. Fill in area, district or region: 1. The courts of the American federal system are divided into 94 judicial _______ . 2.Детальніше
to do so as (not) to do in order (not) to do in order for somebody (not) to do so that in order that Subject 1 + Predicate + to do/so as (not) to do/in order (not) to do/in order for smb to do Subject 1 + Predicate + so that/in order that + Subject 2 + will/can/may/Present Simple for the present context and would/could/might/Past Simple for the past context Fill in: to do, so as (not) to do, in order (not) to do, in order for somebody (not) to do, so that, in order that: 1.Детальніше
The suggested alternate / alternative solutions are hardly feasible. It is forecast a week of alternate / alternative rain and sunshine. Ambulance crews have the alternate / alternative duties: emergency and routine work. The competition is fixed for alternate / alternative weekends. More and more people trust alternate / alternative medicine. Workshops took place on alternate / alternative days.Детальніше
break - destroy brake - make slower or a device to make slower Fill in break or brake: The repairman _______ up the old cars for their parts. Be careful the ice might _______ . When the storm _______ , run for the house. He slams on the _______ so as not to collide with the van. He heard tires squeal as the car _______ suddenly. You can take the financial _______ off in June. Answers: The repairman breaks up the old cars for their parts.Детальніше
A great deal of + uncountable singular noun or no noun. A great number of + countable plural noun. Fill in a great deal or a great number: _______ of discipline is involved in running business. _______ of whine is made in Italy. _______ of trees are being felled to provide space for parking. An electric vehicle costs _______ of money. It sounds eloquent if you have _______ of English idioms at command.Детальніше
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