Interactive Teaching

My Suitcase (This is a...)
Level: starters Age: kids Skills: this is a… in my suitcase, alphabetical order, initial letter sounds. Draw a funny suitcase on the board or bring a real suitcase in the class. Teacher: This is my funny suitcase. This is an apple in my suitcase. This is a book in my suitcase… (as many words as many children in the class). You can write the words on the board if needed. A player begins the game by saying what this is in his/her suitcase.Подробнее
Find it
Find the white and black pictures of at least ten words the first letters of which kids have already learned.  For example:batcatmanmatcapcabbaddadcanfatAsk children to find a word with the first letter C sound K. They find and color the picture, repeating the word while coloring. When all the letters and sounds are found and the pictures are colored ask children to make simple reports: It is a cat, it is yellow. Подробнее
When Last is First
Level: kids starters Skills: initial letter sounds and final letter sounds Print out a number of simple words or short phonics (MA, LA, PO, RE...Подробнее
Mixed Numbers and Letters
Say at random either a letter or a number, let children find it and read a proper line. 1) It is a crab. It is a big crab. 2) It is a pan. It is a hot pan. 3) It is a fan. It is a cold fan. 4) It is a jug. It is a jug for milk. 5) It is a dad. It is a big dad. 6) It is bad. It is very bad. 7) It is a dam. It is a big dam. 8) It is a map. It is a funny map. 9) It is a man. It is a funny man. 10) It is a lab. It is a big lab. Aa) It is a lad. It is a young lad. Bb) It is a leg. It is a cat's leg.Подробнее
The Name Game
One player begins the game by randomly spelling someone’s name in the classroom.  For example: DANA can be spelt A A N D.  Other players should guess as quickly as possible whose name it is and write it down correctly. Good luck.Подробнее
What Letter am I?
A player thinks of a letter and gives clues such as I am a letter.  I am in the middle of the alphabet.  I am round.  You can sing me.  I can be found in the word Lollipop.  I look like a balloon.  What letter am I? Подробнее
Numbers and Colors in Gym Sequence or Chants
1. One, one, one – I can run Two, two, two – I can put Three, three, three – I can skip Four, four, four – Touch the flour Five, five, five – I can fly Six, six, six – I can mix Seven, seven, seven – touch the heaven Eight, eight, eight – we are great Nine, nine, nine – we are fine Ten, ten, ten – We are friends 2. One, two, three – touch your feet Four, five, six – touch your lips Seven, eight, nine – touch your eyes Ten, ten, ten – clap your hands 3.Подробнее
The Rhyming Game
Age 4-6 years old Level starters Concerns reading, spelling, writing Skills word families Make a list of well and badly rhyming words. Print the words out or write the list of the words on the board: mat fog cat rat bat log dog cog other rhyming words Give a player a word, for example cat, and have him/her respond with as many rhyming words as possible. The one who has rhymed all the possible words leaves the game. The game goes on until all the kids have rhymed the words.Подробнее
Me Too
I am … Me too, I am… But, I am not… I am… Age 4-10 Level starters Concerns I am, numbers, names of animals, professions, locations There are two identical sets of shuffled flash cards or printed words on a table with the pictures or words face down. Ask two kids to pick up a card from a separate pile. Students say who, where or how old they aren in turn, The other students says I am not... I am...Подробнее
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