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Henry VIII
As Henry VIII said to each of his wives, “I shan’t keep you long.”Як Генріх VIII сказав кожній зі своїх дружин: "Я не затримаю тебе надовго".Подробнее
​Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Age: any. Level: elementary. Concerns: you are not, I am not, descriptive adjectives, prepositions of place. Say as many false sentences about yourself as possible so that students will negate. For example: teacher: I am a man., students: No, you are not a man. You are a woman. I am at home. No, you are not at home, you are at lesson, etc. You can also use this activity for other grammar points and involve students in “lying” about themselves.Подробнее
Teaching LivE | Shapes and Forms. Part 2
Vocabulary: Shapes and forms Level: Elementary Age: Adults Подробнее
Vocabulary: Shapes and forms Level: Elementary Age: Adults Подробнее
Lesson at Towmuch Topic: Superheroes and Superpowers. Grammar in Use. Age: Teens (~11 years old) Подробнее
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