Present Simple

If I tell you that your winter coat does not warm you, you will not believe me. But you can make an experiment. Look at the thermometer and see what the temperature is. Then wrap it in your winter coat and put it on the table.Детальніше
We have two hands. Why do we then use one or the other hand more often? People who use a left hand more often are lefties and people who use a right hand more often are righties. There are few people who can use both hands with perfect motor skills.Детальніше
Jimmy lives in the country, and he loves playing in a very shallow river near his house; but then his father gets a job in a big city, and he moves there with his family.Their new house has a garden, but the garden is very small. Jimmy isn't very happy.Детальніше
Jean is travelling around New England by car. One day she stops in a small village to look at a beautiful church. There is a cemetery in front of it, and an old man is raking the grass around the graves.Детальніше
Peter is ten years old. One day his friend Paul says to him, "I'm going to have a birthday party on Saturday, Peter. Can you come?" Peter asks his mother, and she says, "Yes, you can go." She phones Paul's mother to tell her.Детальніше
In theory people are either morning people, who get up very early, or afternoon people, who don't, but things may not be quite as simple as this. People who sleep until late may not do this on purpose.Детальніше
Children quite often spend Christmas in the country with their grandparents. When they arrive at the village their grand father usually meets them with a great big sleigh. There are hugs and kisses all around and they all pile into the sleigh.Детальніше
David Copperfield, the novel by Charles Dickens, is a story of one boy's struggle after losing his parents. David`s father dies when he is young, and his mother remarries.Детальніше
by Tatyana Savchyna Bob is a doctor. He is a surgeon. He likes his job because he likes helping people in trouble. He helps sick people. On the one hand his job is tiring because he works long hours.Детальніше
For company and conversation the English go to the pub. The cafes in England sell only coffee, tea and soft drinks. You go to a cafe for a meal or for a quick cup of tea, but not to sit and watch the world go by.Детальніше
Polly goes to school when she is six years old. She likes her first day very much. Her teacher, Miss Yates, is very nice, and the other children in her class are nice, too.Детальніше
One evening Jim decides to read the advertisement in a 'showbiz' magazine. The advertisement says that there are vacancies for a non-speaking part but very athletic people. As Jim is out of work he applies for the job. Many other people apply for the job too.Детальніше
Lucy is from Los Angeles in the USA. She is a school girl. She is 11 years old. Lucy lives in a big house with a garden in Melrose Place. Her mom and dad are lawyers. They are a happy family. Lucy usually gets up at half past seven to an alarm-clock.Детальніше
Mrs. Green is an old lady. She travels often and is not afraid of flying. One day she is going from Chicago to San Francisco in a big plane. There are a lot of empty seats on it. Mrs. Green's seat is near a window.Детальніше
Oxford is like London: it is international, it is very old, and it has great charm. It is also a town that grew up near the River Thames.Oxford is international because people from many part of the world come to study at its university.Детальніше
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