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Level: A2 My name is Maria. I'm 12 years old. I have a large family. I always get up at 8am. Because my classes begin at 10 o'clock. I usually wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and take a shower in the morning. I eat breakfast.Детальніше
Level: A2 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: This is a story about a Frenchman, an Englishman and an American who _________ (once travel) by train in Europe. They _________ (chat) about this and that.Детальніше
Translate into English: 1. У школі вивчають кілька іноземних мов. 2. Газети та журнали доставляють зранку. 3. У крамниці відвідувачів завжди чудово обслуговують. 4. Вистави у театрі ніколи не відкладають. 5. У оселі завжди привітно зустрічають гостей.Детальніше
Grammar: PresentSimple Age: teens Level: pre-intermediate / Intermediate Questions Do you yourself wake up to an alarm clock?Do you set an alarm clock on your phone?How easy is it for you to wake up to an alarm clock?What are some things you often do hastily?Детальніше
Grammar: Present Simple Age: kids / teens  Level: intermediate Adverbs of frequency never always often very often quite often seldom rarely frequently generally normally occasionally regularly 1. Use adverbs of frequency.Детальніше
Age: teens Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate Concerns: Present Simple / Present Continuous Use: things to do in rooms. Where can you do these things?Детальніше
Topic: clothes Grammar: Present Simple / Present continuous Task 1A criticImagine that you a fashion critic. (Give students pictures with different people). Say what this/that person is wearing (what kind of clothes/colour/material/style etc.).Детальніше
Open the brackets and answer the questions: You (to bite) your nails? When you (to bite) your nails? Your nails (to be) always clean? What you (to wear) in bed? You (to make) your bed every morning? Your bedding always clean? You ever (to eat) at night?Детальніше
We have two hands. Why do we then use one or the other hand more often? People who use a left hand more often are lefties and people who use a right hand more often are righties. There are few people who can use both hands with perfect motor skills.Детальніше
by Karina Shevchuk Age: 9-10 Level: elementary Concerns: daily activities, prepositions of time ProcedureAsk children to read through the activities, help them if necessary, ask them to choose 10 different activities with different preposition of time.Детальніше
by Inna Kovtutska Age: 10 plus Level: pre-intermediate, intermediate Concerns: Present Simple, verbs, habits ProcedureStudents work in pairs. Both students have a list of actions. Students tick most favourite actions they would like to do in everyday life.Детальніше
Amanda is 38 years old. She is a cheerful and pretty woman from New York. Her life story is amazing. It happened when she was three months old. The girl received severe burns from the steam boiler.Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I am Ved or V3 Am I Ved or V3 I am + not Детальніше
Affirmatives Questions Negatives I You We They V(e)s Do Детальніше
The man in the first picture lives in Northern Ireland. His name is Roley McIntyre. Roley McIntyre was big — he was very big. He weighed 600 pounds. 1For lunch Roley ate ten pieces of bacon, four eggs, ten potatoes, and fried vegetables.Детальніше
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