Present Simple & Past Simple

Huang Fu is a very rich man. “I have become rich, because I am clever and I work a lot.” His farmhand Hop is very poor. Huang Fu has always been tough on his farmhand. One day Huang Fu gave Hop a bottle and said, “Buy me a bottle of wine.Детальніше
Amanda is 38 years old. She is a cheerful and pretty woman from New York. Her life story is amazing. It happened when she was three months old. The girl received severe burns from the steam boiler.Детальніше
The man in the first picture lives in Northern Ireland. His name is Roley McIntyre. Roley McIntyre was big — he was very big. He weighed 600 pounds. 1For lunch Roley ate ten pieces of bacon, four eggs, ten potatoes, and fried vegetables.Детальніше
The woman in the picture has twin daughters. Their names are Megan and Autumn Beavers. They are 18 months old. Megan is in her mother's arms. Autumn is standing in her crib. Look closely at the crib. Little pieces of the crib are missing.Детальніше
Pedro Rossi is happy — he is very, very happy! He won the lottery! He won $500,000! Pedro is happy for a few minutes. Then he remembers: His lottery ticket! He threw it in the garbage can! Pedro runs to the garbage can and looks inside. The garbage can is empty!Детальніше
Jeff Keith has only one leg. When he was 12 years old, Jeff had cancer. Doctors had to cut off most of his right leg.Every day Jeff puts on an artificial leg. The leg is plastic. With the plastic leg Jeff can ski, ride a bicycle, swim, and play soccer.Детальніше
Mrs. Sato is sad, it is her birthday, and she is alone. Her husband died in 1985. Her daughter lives in another city. Her son is working.Mrs. Sato goes to the telephone and calls a company in Tokyo, Japan. "Hello," a woman answers. "Hello," Mrs. Sato says.Детальніше
Vicente Cabrera is a Mexican farmer. He works in the fields every day. His son, Tomas, is three years old. Tomas often goes to the fields with his father. Mr. Cabrera works, and Tomas plays. One day Mr. Cabrera went to a field with Tomas.Детальніше
The advertisement in The Stage, a "Showbiz" magazine read: "Non-speaking part, but you must be very athletic." So Jim, being out of work, applied for the job and found himself being directed to the local Zoo.Детальніше
Bob Shafran was happy. He was at a new school, and the other students were friendly, "Hi, Bob!" they said. But some students said, "Hi, Eddy!" Bob didn't understand. He asked another student, "Why do some students call me Eddy?Детальніше

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