Present Simple & Present Continuous

It is five o'clock in the evening when Rene Wagner comes home from work. She walks into the living room and looks at her three children. The children are 14, 13, and 9 years old. They are watching TV.The living room is a mess.Детальніше
Mrs. Thompson is driving her car. She looks in the rearview mirror. A blue car is behind her. A man is driving the blue car. The man in the blue car waves at Mrs. Thompson. He is saying something, but Mrs. Thompson can't hear him. Mrs. Thompson turns left.Детальніше
Chen works at a restaurant in the daytime, in the evening he goes to an adult school. He is learning English at the adult school. This evening Chen's class is reading a story. The story is interesting, and Chen wants to read it. But Chen is tired; he can't read.Детальніше
Jim is looking out his window. He sees two men in his neighbor's driveway. The men are carrying a big color TV. They are carrying the TV to a truck. Jim opens his window. "Hey!" he says to the two men. "Are you TV repairmen?" "Yes," the men answer.Детальніше
It is 1947. In a small town in Russia, some people are talking. They are talking about their leader. His name is Stalin. "Stalin is not a good leader," a young man says. The young man's name is Ivan. Suddenly everyone is silent.Детальніше
It is three o'clock in the morning. Gladys sits up in bed and turns on a light, John! Wake up!" she tells her husband. John wakes up and opens his eyes a little. "What's the matter?" he asks Gladys. "Something is moving in the mattress," Gladys says. "There!Детальніше
Armando lives in Cuba. He works in the fields every day. Armando doesn't want to work in the fields. He wants to be an artist. Armando wants to go to the United States. His uncle lives in the United States. Armando's uncle writes him letters.Детальніше
Jean Herman lives in an apartment in New York City. Jean's apartment is small, but she likes it. The apartment is cheap. Jean pays only $200 a month. Jean's apartment is in an old building. One day a big company buys the old building.Детальніше
Anna is talking to her father. "Papa," Anna says. "I'm in love, and I want to get married. I want to marry Iztok." "Iztok!" Anna's father says. "No! You can't marry Iztok. He's an artist. Artists don't make a lot of money. Marry an engineer.Детальніше

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