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Hinemoa: Dual Choice Test (Level A2)
Hinemoa was the daughter of a Maori chief which / who lived on the shore of a great lake in New Zealand. One day Hinemoa’s father gave a great feast at which / at that all young men were present. Each young man tried to dance as well as / as good as he could because each hoped winning / to win the heart and hand of the young lady. But Hinemoa liked only one of them the most / most of all.Подробнее
Change the words in bold in an appropriate Participle form He has slept the sleep of the dead, _______ (sleep) badly for two nights. I woke up _______ (think) about the impending meeting. The cafe was full of people, _______ (laugh) and _______ (treat) on the house. _______ (Give) some money, the gypsy smiled. While _______ (glance) at, Mary got shy. While _______ (obey) my directions, the old man glanced at me suspiciously. (Watch) them _______ (dance), he raised his wine glass.Подробнее
Charity World: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)
The charity world is not without (1) _______ problems, and (2) _______ in ways which worry (3) _______ . Money is not the issue. UK giving (4) _______ by £1.1bn in 2012-13. The average amount (5) _______ is up by £2 to £29 a month, virtually back to pre-recession levels. Medical research overtook the 31,000 religious charities (6) _______ our favourite cause. After them came hospitals and hospices, and children and young people.Подробнее
There was a king who (1) _______ that he was clever and could paint very well. His pictures (2) _______ very bad, but the people he showed them to were afraid of the cruel king and said that they (3) _______ his pictures very much. One day the king showed his pictures to a famous painter (4) _______ lived in that country and asked: “I want what you think of my pictures. Do you like them? (5) _______ I a good painter or not?”.Подробнее
Being a Kid: Multiple Choice Grammar Test
Who said that being a kid (1) _______ easy? Being a kid with no additional source of income aside from the daily allowance that your parents give you is no (2) _______ matter. Because of the (3) _______ prices in our lives today, people have been looking for opportunities to make money. Making ends (4) _______ is simply not enough. It's always wise to save up for that rainy day or for that cool-looking video game that you (5) _______ your eye on ever since its release on the market.Подробнее
The Princess and the Frog: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)
Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young princess who happened to be out walking (1) _______ some woods. Suddenly she (2) _______ a frog in a pond. A little distance (3) _______ she also noticed a large and magnificent castle. At that moment the frog (4) _______ to the young woman. She was quite astonished, not (5) _______ accustomed to (6) _______ animals speak. Anyway, every day she went to the same small pool of water (7) _______ to her new frog-friend.Подробнее
Nuclear waste is very difficult to get (1) _______ of, not only because it cannot be stored safely, but also because it (2) _______ dangerous for thousands of years. Nuclear researchers are currently debating if nuclear waste (3) _______ in tunnels on the sea bed or buried (4) _______ under the ground. In addition, the places where nuclear waste is stored have (5) _______ in some way to prevent people (6) _______ digging into them or simply going too (7) _______ to them.Подробнее
The non-psychoactive form of cannabis was used (1) _______ a food crop by rural populations across Eurasia in ancient times, (2) _______ ancient Rome, Egypt, and China. Cannabis seeds were used to make oil and flour, which became porridge or (3) _______ desserts. One of the names for ancient China was “the land of hemp and mulberry.” Hemp, known as ma, began (4) _______ in seed form during the Chou dynasty.Подробнее
Circle the correct word Once upon a time an elephant and a monkey had an argument. The elephant was proud because he was so strong. “Look how big and strong I am!” he said. “I can (1) pull/to pull a tree down. Can you?”. Now the monkey was proud because he was so quick. “Look how(2) fastly/fast I can run and climb!” he said. “Can you climb a tree? Can you hang by your tail from a branch?” (3) At last/At least they went to a wise old owl. “We cannot agree,” they said.Подробнее
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