Grammar in Context

There is one thing (1) _______ from those glorious brochure shots of Machu Picchu: the crowds. If you go in (2) _______ season, you’ll be trying to commune with the spirits of the Incas alongside (3) _______ camera-toting tourists. The peak period begins (4) _______ late June, when the world-famous Inti Raymi festival (5) _______ in Cuzco. Colourful though (6) _______ , aficionados avoid it. There are just too many people.Детальніше
Read the text below. For questions (1– 10) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). A wild prairie dog, usually found only in (1) _______ , has been discovered in a field in Lincolnshire. The (2) _______ burrowing rodent, is not actually a dog but part of the squirrel family and (3) _______ eating sugar beet at a farm in Rippingale, near Grantham, last week. A farmer spotted the animal before managing (4) _______ it in a box and (5) _______ the RSPCA for advice.Детальніше
(1) _______ children, young elephants need discipline if they are to grow up (2) _______ responsible mem­bers of society. Orphan bull elephants in (3) _______ Game Reserve have turned delinquent because they (4) _______ taken in hand by their. (5) _______ . Earlier this month, a young bull (6) _______ at a group of tourists on a photo-safari, attacked and killed a profes­sional hunter who (7) _______ in to shoot it.Детальніше
(1) _______ the biggest, most muscular person in the world some people will do almost (2) _______ . Many people (3) _______ to use anabolic steroids, because they promise quick muscle gain. While (4) _______ large doses of these magical potions, you can actually see your gains (5)_______ almost daily- and this is how you can get (6) _______ .Детальніше
I could see the mountains of Petra in the distance and I heard (1) _______ sound — silence. But sitting near the top of that mountain in Wadi Musa, Jordan, I only wanted one (2) _______ thing…to go higher. Pulling myself over the rocks onto the next ledge, I found (3) _______ I expected... an even more breathtaking view. As I hiked up the mountain my desire to go higher only seemed (4) _______ . The (5) _______ I got, the more I wanted to keep going.Детальніше
( 1) _______’s more depressing than a trend born of (2) _______ Great Depression, when nothing in America (3) _______ : even flour sacks became the go-to dress material for women everywhere.The height of the trend came in the late 1930s, when rural fashion (4) _______ to its heyday due to country women who could sew (5) _______ and became the fashionistas of their era dominating the national sewing competitions that (6) _______ up across the US.Детальніше
Decision-thinking is not unlike poker - it often (1) _______ not only what you think, but also what others think you think and what you think they think you think. Interestingly poker, that most subjective of games, (2) _______ of considerable interest to people who are, by (3) _______ standards, good thinkers. The great mathematician John von Neumann was, among his (4) _______ accomplishments, one of the originators of games theory.Детальніше
Waiting for the Metro in Paris is a lot more pleasant nowadays, thanks to a project orchestrated by transit officials. As Jim Bittermann reports, it brings a whole new concept to the term «underground music». It may be rush hour in the Paris underground, but these days down here there are good reasons to slow down a little when commuting is more than just getting from A to B, when the transit can be too rapid.Детальніше
1. Not wanting to hear anything insulting / insulted, I left the room hastily so that nobody would utter / not to utter a word. 2. Everybody waited until the sandwiches would be brought / were brought so as to / so that to taste them first. 3. In his spare time, he read the current research journals in order that to / so as to understand the implications  of the experiments performed / performing throughout the world. 4.Детальніше
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