Grammar in Context

A commentary by Debbie Pennington You have heard the saying: "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" honest are you? If a friend 1— your opinion on her new haircut, his sports performance, her outfit, his new girlfriend...would you tell 2—or a little white lie to avoid a 3 — uncomfortable situation? If you chose the white lie, you're not alone.Детальніше
need not do, do/does/did not need to — absence of necessity dare not do, do/does/did not dare to — (not) having courage to do something Fill in to, where necessary 1.You need not __ knock or ring the bell; I have a key. 2.You do not need __ repeat the rule several times. I have caught it. 3.I need not __ lock the door, there is my brother at home. 4.I do not need __ add anything to her thorough work on the matter. 5.Детальніше
Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets. As if / as though in real or possible situations.Any tense according to the context is used. 1. Mila is looking around, as if she ______ search for something. 2. But it does not look as if it ______ be able get very far. 3. His eyes were red as if he ______ sleep at all. 4. I feel as if I ______ be in a kind of hostage situation. 5.Детальніше
I know that sounds clinical, but if you’re lactose intolerant or a vegetarian or even just a picky (1)__________ , living with a host family could be tricky. Obviously, your host family will try to be (2) _________ of your needs, but if your diet is wiIdly different from (3) __________, things could get awkward.Детальніше
Education Abroad (1) __________ a variety of study abroad opportunities for students to learn in over 25 countries. (2) __________ include: semester exchanges, dual degree programs, summer and short (3) __________ programs, international internships, and service learning. Programs range (4) __________ one week to one year and award academic credit.Детальніше
International Education Fairs "Education abroad" and “Education and Career" are the (1) _________ and most widely known events in (2) _________ life in Ukraine. (3) _________ twice a year they are an information exchange forums for (4) _________ education in Ukraine and abroad, (5) _________direct, comprehensive and precise information for school-leavers, students and parents.Детальніше
When it comes to (1) __________ up discounts, you can't beat basic research, be it physical or virtual. The more effort you put into researching prices and trends, rather than (2) __________ to take shortcuts, the (3) __________ your chances of scoring a bargain. Even before you're ready to purchase an item you're interested in, do your best (4) __________ its fluctuating price over time. You can do this (5) __________ web searches or periodic trips to the mall.Детальніше
Deforestation can harm the climate in the short-term. Forests play (1) __________ important ecological roles,(2) __________ water supplies, cooling the Earth’s surface and regulating rainfall patterns Forest loss (3) __________ hunger and malnutrition for those who can (4) __________ afford it.Детальніше
Have you ever seen a (1)__________ word on a sign? Or a sign with the wrong punctuation? Those kinds of mistakes really bother Jeff Deck. He decided last summer that he could make the world a better place by correcting mistakes, or (2) __________, on signs. Deck is now driving around the US looking for mistakes in print. So far, he (3)________ more than 5,000 miles. When Deck (4)________ a mistake, he asks the store owner or shop manager if he can fix it.Детальніше
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