Vocabulary in Context

High factor sun creams have become a necessity to protect us against dangerous ultra-violet light. But fears that creams are not protective enough have now (1) ________ scientists to develop sun-proof fabrics to add further protection against the damaging (2) ________ of the sun. A lightweight T-shirt, for example, has a sun protection factor of about 10, which (3) ________ that you could still get burned through the fabric.Подробнее
Choosing a Career: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
There are as many kinds of careers as there are people. They vary greatly in the type of work involved and in the ways they (1) _______ a person’s life. The kind of career you have can (2) _______ your life in many ways. For example, it can (3) _______ where you live and the friends you make. It can reflect how much education you have and can determine the (4) _______ of money you earn. Your career can also affect the way you feel about yourself and the way other people act toward you.Подробнее
Black Beauty: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
I don’t (1) _______ everything about the time I was very small. I remember a big field of green grass. There were a few trees in it, and on hot days my mother stood under a tree and I drank her milk. That was before I (2) _______ bigger and began to eat the grass. There were some other young horses in the field. As we grew bigger, we played and ran round and round the field. We jumped about, or we went down on our backs on the grass and kicked our legs happily in the air.Подробнее
Americans: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
When we think of Americans, we usually associate them with colorful clothes, noisy (1) _______ and overweight. But what are they really like? What values do they have? It is not possible to answer this question (2) _______ but it seems that some American characteristics are a legacy of the Puritan ideology. The Puritans thought of themselves as a special people able to build "a city upon a hill".Подробнее
Poor Little Pet: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
This happened in England (1) _______ after World War II. Mrs. Reed intended to give a party. She wanted to invite her friends for dinner and a game of bridge. It was easy enough to ask people to come, but far more difficult (2) _______ a meal for them. She was thinking about it when her maid-servant announced that there was a man at the back door offering to sell mushrooms.Подробнее
​Transport: Verbs
1. The plane _____________the airport in 30 minutes. a) pulls off b) flies off c) takes off 2. I was not able not catch the plane to LA, because my plane to NY was ____________. a) detained b) delayed c) deterred 3. Where will he ___________? There is not any allowed space here to park a car. a) draw up b) come up c) pull up 4. Vikings were very strong. It helped them to ___________ boats. a) row b) bow c) tow 5.Подробнее
​Travelling by Train
1. A separate section of a train: a) a compartment b) a van c) a carriage 2. A railway carriage selling light meals and snacks. a) a restaurant car b) a buffet c) a canteen 3. A cheap railway carriage with seats transforming into sleeping berths. a) a deluxe b) a couchette c) a compartment 4. A separate part or room in a car on the train. a) a restroom b) a compartment c) a berth 5. A place where we can see when the train arrives or leaves.Подробнее
​Sounds: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
1. The thunder ________ in the overcast sky. a) hit b) hissed c) rumbled 2. She liked walking on the ________ leaves and smelling autumn forest a) hissing b) rustling c) screeching 3. We stood in the church yard listening to the bells __________. a) ringing b) chiming c) banging 4. The computers _________ in the office and the employees were glued to the screen. a) were thudding b) were hissing c) were humming 5.Подробнее
​Food: Nouns
1. He ate a little turkey as he preferred _________ to meat. a) fish b) cereal c) poultry 2. Add a little _____________ to your apple pie – it will taste better. a) cinnamon b) cardamom c) turmeric 3. They recommend trying local seafood: mussels, mackerel, shrimps and __________. a) courgettes b) poultry c) oysters 4. Different cereals – oats, barley, wheat and _________ are grown in the country. a) cauliflower b) rye c) basil 5.Подробнее
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