Vocabulary in Context

Did not need to/did not have to – there was no necessity to do it and it was not done Need not have done – there was no necessity to do it but it was done Fill in the gaps with did not need to/did not have to or need not have done: 1. He __________ go on working. He had already reached retiring age. 2. You __________ wait for a bus, I told you that the bus drivers were on strike. 3.Детальніше
About half of college students admit to cheating. Which turns out to be great news - if you consider what they were probably doing in high school. An astonishing 3 out of every 4 high school students do it on a test at least once in the past year according to the (1) _______ 4,500 students at 25 high schools. A comparable percentage say they have (2) _______ in work written by someone else.Детальніше
Choosing a university looks like a (1) _______ process. Before you start (2) _______ those university (3) _______ forms, consider the many (4) _______ that affect the “fit” of a university to your unique personality and educational goals. Remember that your first year is often a time to try a (5) _______ of courses, that aren’t (6) _______ in high school. Have a look at the university calendars and read the individual course (7) _______ .Детальніше
And what about the American (1) _______ of family? Most Americans live in one-storeyed houses with a lawn, two cars in the garage, two television sets and a few telephones. A typical family consists of parents and two children. When the children become (2) _______, they move out and live on their own. Hence, the family (3) _______ in America are not very strong. It is also not customary to live with grandparents. Americans protect in this way their (4) _______ and independence.Детальніше
Money is used for buying or selling goods, for measuring value and for (1) _______ wealth. Almost every society now has a money economy based on coins and paper (2) _______ of one kind or another. However, this has not always been true. In primitive societies a system of barter was used. Barter was a system of direct exchange of (3) _______ . Somebody could exchange a sheep, for example, for anything in the marketplace that they considered to be of equal (4) _______.Детальніше
Not having breakfast is only too easy, especially if you’re always in a (0) _______ first thing in the morning. Although it may not seem (1) _______ at the time, you aren’t doing yourself any (2) _______ if you don’t eat breakfast. The (3) _______ purpose of National Breakfast Week is to (4) _______ you of the importance of eating a proper breakfast. By the time you (5) _______ in the morning you probably won’t have eaten (6) _______ for up to 12 hours.Детальніше
You really have to get very old before you realize you’re old. I’m in my middle fifties and I don’t feel old yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and (1) ________ things to the way life is for (2) ________ kids. Some things have certainly changed. One area of change is television. Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the other hand, have been (3) ________.Детальніше
It was a three-block walk from the bus to the nursery school where Juanita had (1) _______ her little daughter this morning on her way to work. Juanita hurried, knowing she was late. The little girl ran toward her as she (2) _______ the small playroom in the basement of a private house.Детальніше
Life is easier if you are right-handed. You can open a (1)_______ of tomatoes, use a pair of scissors or write a cheque without problems. In earlier times left-handed people were sometimes thought to be bad or even (2)_______ and were sometimes even killed. Even quite recently, children who wanted to use their left hands were taught to use their right instead.Детальніше
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