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I wish... I would rather... I would sooner... that Subject + Past Predicate I wish... I would rather... I would sooner...Детальніше
Interrogatives in any tense Does she swim well? Can you sleep in a tent? Where does she play tennis? Partial inversion subject, expressed by a noun, and verb are replaced if there is an adverb of place NOT MOVEMENT at the beginning of a sentence.Детальніше
Reporting Verb in Present / Future Direct Speech Statements Reporting Verb in Past Present Simple Present Simple Past Simple I know (that) nothing grows in her garden. It never gets any sun.Детальніше
Like is a preposition, used before noun or gerund. Alike is adverb or adjective and has a post predicate position. The brother is very like the sister. The brothers are very much alike. The walls are alike in color. Детальніше
Most Most = very (mainly with adjectives of two or more syllables) You are most generous = You are very generous. It is most annoying. Possessive noun or pronoun + most: It is my most favorite book.Детальніше
Verbs adding that + Subject + should / bare infinitive Examples agree I agree that she should be dismissed. arrange He had arranged that the visitors (should) be brought down to his office.Детальніше
Present Suppositional should + non-perfect should do should be doing should be done Past Suppositional should + perfect infinitive should have done should have been doing should have been done Types ofДетальніше
I want you / him / her / us / them / me / it to win.Детальніше
Whole less formal, a bit more common implies the wholeness of a single undivided object, not a collection of parts, not a sum of parts; not broken or damaged, intact: used with singular countable nouns e.g.Детальніше
Subject Predicate (active) Object (whom) Bare Infinitive I We You He She Детальніше
Many a, more than one + singular verb. Many a day has been passed in leisurely reading.More than one error was discovered in the wording of the document.  When a noun phrase contains more than one and a singular noun, the verb is normally singular.Детальніше
When majority/minority mean an unspecified number and is not followed by a plural noun more often a singular verb is used: The majority holds no strong views. A small minority indicates it supports the proposal.Детальніше
Grammar: prepositions of movement Age: kids Level: pre-intermediate Dictate the text slowly, each time make a pause for kids to say a correct prepositions. You can ask kids to draw what you say. It is a great day today. It is sunny and warm. It isn’t cold.Детальніше
Nouns that are Always Singular Examples Names of substances considered generally: bread; cream; gold ; paper; tea; beer; dust; ice; sand; water; cloth; gin; jam; soap; wine; coffee; glass; oil; stone; wood.Детальніше
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