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A young woman has a small son. He is only 5 years old. Mum sometimes takes him to work to the local hospital. She is a surgeon. She always puts on a surgical coat and a hat, shoe covers, sterile gloves and a face mask.Детальніше
Little girl Daisy is visiting her grandma in the village. Her granny has got a lot of farm animals. They are walking behind the house and eating the green grass. Daisy likes farm creatures very much. ‘Granny, granny,’ calls Daisy. ‘What are they?Детальніше
It is summer. Holiday time! The family of seven are going to visit their grandma. They are traveling by train. There are five girls in this family. The smallest one is Nell. She is just about three years old. She can’t speak correctly.Детальніше
There is a family of three. This family is very happy. Mum and Dad are proud of their clever daughter. They have got a little girl Kate. She is only two years old. She is a small and very serious child. She wants to try everything. She wants to do all by herself.Детальніше
The little girl Dana is 3 years old. She is playing in her bedroom. She is talking with her dolls and singing a nice song. Her mother is very busy. The family is waiting for the guests today. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen and listening to Dana’s singing.Детальніше
Dan’s dad is a carpenter. He makes different wooden things in his garage. Dan likes to watch, how his dad creates windows, doors, shelves, tables and other useful wooden things. Dan has an incredible idea.Детальніше
It is winter. The fluffy snow is falling slowly outside. Diana’s family is preparing for Christmas. Mum and dad are decorating the Christmas tree. Dad is putting on the garland, mum is hanging up colourful ornaments. Diana is a little girl.Детальніше
Jack is a small boy. He is the oldest baby in the family. He is only four years old. He is witty and clever. He is interested in everything. He asks a lot of questions. He is both curious and stubborn. It is the hottest summer day.Детальніше
Creative Writing for Teens by Inna Kovtutska 1. It is your grandma’s birthday. You want to surprise her and make the unusual party. What meals are there on the table? What sweets are there for dessert? Does she like flowers? Does she like cards?Детальніше
Age: kids  Level: starters Children colour the pictures at home. It`s my favourite toy shop. Follow me. There is… / There are... + on, in, under, near... For example: There is a red train on the stand. etc.Детальніше
Age: kids Level: starters What is your name?How old are you?How are you?What are there in grandpa’s shop? (bananas; carrots; peas; beans; melons; peppers; grapes;ice creams; sweets; cakes; lollipops)How many apples are there?Are they big or small?What colour are they?Детальніше
Age: kids Level: pre-intermediate Use: names, age, family members, hobbies, likes/dislikes, favourite possessions. Work in pairs. Use the cards. Ask each other about: your age, family, toys, pets, likes and favourite subjects.Детальніше
Tick yes or no. Say what you friend can / can not do. Answer the question. Yes No Can you ride a bike? Can you jump? Can you read?Детальніше
by Olena Chala It is a story about a small dolphin and his mum. Can he find her? Let`s read. It is summer. The weather is warm and nice. The sun is shining. Look around! What can you see? It`s the sea. It is deep and blue. It is nice and calm.Детальніше
by Olena Chala Hello, everybody! My name is Tom. I am a boy. I`m a little boy. I am six. I am not sad. I am happy. I am cool. I`m in the garden. It is a big garden. It isn`t small. It is a big garden near my house. There are trees. There are tall and small trees.Детальніше
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