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1. The dean was speaking very quickly and I could not _________ what he said. a) accept b) listen c) catch 2. You need a few games to __________ the lesson. a) keep up b) liven up c) carry on 3. The boy was ___________ from school for bullying. a) suspended b) freed c) isolated 4. It was difficult to ___________ handwritten words. a) make of b) make out c) make up 5. The student was ____________ at home for his suspension.Детальніше
1. She is going to __________ all she can about the subject of herbal treatment. a) discover b) realize c) find out 2. Have you __________ for studying another foreign language this term. a) inscribed b) enrolled c) engaged 3. Their progress is not easy to ___________ a) evaluate b) count c) estimate 4. Public schools in the US ________ for all levels of ability. a) suit b) cater c) cope 5.Детальніше
1. When students sign up (registers) for classes. a) entrance b) enumeration c) enrolment 2. All subjects included in the course of study. a) programme b) curriculum c) timetable 3. An academic rank awarded after the course of study at the university. a) degree b) diploma c) certificate 4. A task given by the teacher to their students. a) application b) assessment c) assignment 5. Students receive it regularly from their teachers.Детальніше

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